Thirty Days in the Garden: Oh My Gourd, It’s a Tiny Tea House

Have a look at my tiny tea house, made from a birdhouse gourd.

Birdhouse Gourd Tiny Tea House

Here’s a bit of history: Several years ago, when my boys were still young, we planted birdhouse gourds. They were fun to grow, but they need a lot of space. When all was said and done, we ended up with two gourds.

2015, Growing and harvesting birdhouse gourds

The gourds took a year to dry out. I knew they were ready when I could shake them like an oversized rattle. The color changed too, from bright green to a spotted brown.

Mike drilled a bird-sized hole in one of the gourds and a few pinholes in the bottom for drainage. Year after year I dreamed of a nest of birds, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. One year I found the gourd filled with tiny pinecones, a discovery that made me laugh. Squirrels no doubt.

Today I turned the second gourd into a tiny tea house.

Tiny Tea House sign made from cyclamen petals

Like most of my miniature fairy gardens, the concept evolved. The gourd proved too small for the tea house, so I moved the furniture “outside” and created a patio instead.

Birdhouse gourd draped in Wisteria

I placed a battery-operated tea light in the stem of the gourd for some ambiance. It’s a perfect fit!

I fashioned a small curtain from a tattered silk scarf, then hung the curtain from a reed once used in a diffuser. Unlike full-sized drapes, it took me longer to thread the needle than to sew them.

I put more fairy lights behind the silk, delighted with the soft, romantic effect.

The gourd sits in the corner of a shallow wooden tray. The tray arrived at Christmas time, filled with delicious cheese and crackers. I knew I could put it to good use, and today was the day.

Tea service for two on the patio

I lined the tray with moss and tiny shells from a broken necklace. I made the patio using three wooden blocks that were originally intended for rubber stamps. I applied rub-on transfers to make a leafy patio, then wedged them together on the tray. They keep the gourd in place, and they’re just the right size for the rusted furniture.

The charming tea set and the beehive were a gift from my friend Kelly. We met through blogging many years ago, and we’ve become the best of friends. I got her hooked on fairy gardening as well.

Tiny tea house treasures from Kelly

I draped Wisteria across the opening and made a small sign using a Sharpie and a cyclamen flower.

Tea is served at 4:00 sharp.

Wisteria seat cushions

26 thoughts on “Thirty Days in the Garden: Oh My Gourd, It’s a Tiny Tea House

  1. Well, you certainly know how to have fun Alys.
    Ingenious use of various types of scrappy bits and pieces and such an enchanting little scene you’ve made that I can only hope fairies do exist so they can enjoy your little tea house.


  2. Omgoodness ! How adorable is this ๐Ÿ˜€ So happy you found a use for the tea set. But honestly, how clever is the patio, gourd and seashell walkway. You even have a delightful doily on the table. I wish I could shrink down and wander into the gourd. It’s probably really soft inside. I imagine it with lots of pillows and low tables….like Jeannie’s bottle ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s all perfectly dreamy too. xoK

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m now imagining the I Dream of Jeannie bottle as well. We loved that show as young girls. Your tiny tea set is simply perfect in the tea house. Thank you once again for supporting my hobby. ๐Ÿ™‚ The lace doily came with the set by the way. It’s charming. The gourd is amazingly soft inside, which surprised me. Let’s pretend we’re fairies and have tea, or we can swap out your tea of a cup of coffee. We would have so much fun.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I loved Jeannie, she was so sweet and in love with Major Nelson. I didn’t know the T-set came with a doily, I’m thinking that gal just included it maybe. How nice. Or I just have a bad memory, which is entirely possible and probably a reality, LOL ! I shall shrink my Nespresso (since I’m a magical fairy) and fly on over xoK


          • Yes to wandering vintage shops. This very moment, I just recalled a dream I had before waking this morning. Someone came to the counter with a little garden critter, it didn’t have a price tag and I was hoping the shopper would put it back when she heard the price, so I could scoop it up, LOL….get this, my mom worked there !!! eeep, LOL! Who knows what these things are to mean ๐Ÿ˜€ xK


    • Cathy, I had grear fun creating this little vignette. There is something so appealing about working in miniature, and I also find it rewarding figuring out what I have on hand that will work well. Let’s pretend we’re fairies and meet for that cuppa. xo

      Liked by 1 person

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