Scrap Happy April: Craft Kits at the Curb

Our Little Free Library, surplus children’s books, and craft kits, just off the sidewalk in front of our home.

What’s a ScrapHappy post?

It’s an opportunity or an excuse to make something entirely out of scraps. Our host, Kate, of Tall Tales from Chiconia, encourages the use of scraps to make something useful or beautiful or both.

If you would like to join us, please see the details at the end of this post.

I reorganized and tidied my paper crafting area last week and took a hard look at everything I had. I set aside items that have remained idle. I pulled together paper punches and acrylic stamps, ink pads, and paper, and created small craft kits. In other words, I used some of my scraps and materials so that others could make their own ScrapHappy® creation.

Kate, I hope this still counts.

With children forced out of school for the rest of the year, several Little Free Libraries are offering crafting material to help keep children engaged.

Our library is still open, and at least one grateful teacher has stopped by twice for books. She said she had to leave her classroom and couldn’t bring any of her teaching materials home with her.

In other crafting news, I made a few Easter cards last week.

Would I normally make Easter cards?


Did I buy a packet of adorable paper in 2016 thinking it would be fun to make Easter cards?


Card made from Authentique paper, vintage seam binding with inked edges

Now I have time on my hands.

The paper came in a kit, so not technically a scrap, however, all the solid paper, ribbons, and bows are legitimate scraps.

Easter Morn

I’m calling them ScrapHappy® cards in training.

Fingers crossed that I’m not drummed out of all this ScrapHappy® fun.

Here’s a gallery of the Easter cards using Authentique Collection’s Eastertime: (click on individual photos to enlarge)

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37 thoughts on “Scrap Happy April: Craft Kits at the Curb

  1. No, no, these are bona fide scrappy items. You didn’t go out and buy anything to complete them. They are made from leftover/unused/scrap materials. As for drumming you out… snort! As if. I think the kits are inspired and generous, and the cards are very, very sweet. I’ve been going on some lovely nostalgia trips when I recall when and where I bought some particularly ‘vintage’ fabric scraps in my collection. Remember when we could just ‘go out’ and buy stuff whenever we felt like it…?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so happy to have the Kate ScrapHappy stamp of approval, and appreciate the clarification, too.

      I’m glad you’re having fun revisitng your stash. It’s a fun challenge using what you’ve got and I think it’s a good mental exercise, too, when you have to make do. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I bet people will be happy to get these whether they qualify or not–and it seems Kate approves. I have made masks recently and am itching to make something else. I read that a good mask feels stuffy and all of mine do, so they must be good. It’s good you’ve kept the library open for use. I hope things are otherwise well with you.


    • Thank you, Lisa. I need to make some masks of my own, but I can’t seem to get motivated. I have a few N-95 masks leftover from a painting project years ago, but they can’t be washed. What style did you use? There are so many patterns out there. I was even thinking of ordering some fabric via Spoonflower with Tessa’s cute mug, but alas, I continue to drag my feet. My energy ebbs and flows.

      I hope you are doing well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used the pattern with the curved piece that fits to your face. I’m also going to try one of the pleated ones, because the fitted one can get stuffy if you’re out any length of time. I don’t know how medical workers stand them. I’d use the N95 for the grocery store and places where you’re going to come in contact with multiple people. The cloth ones you can use for a walk or something like that. I used Sweet Red Poppy–she’s got a video for both styles.


        • They get stuffy because they are a good fit, so though it is more uncomfortable, it means its working. I like that pattern you’re referring to. It looks comfortable. I’ll check out the video you reference. My friend is a nurse at Kaiser. She told me she lost eight pounds in the first two weeks from all that presperation. She now said they remind each other to drink copious amounts of water between patients to remain hydrated. I can’t imagine!

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, they count for me too! They are delightful…as your cards always are. The idea of creating bags of scrap happy goodness for others is perfect! However, I am not surprised by your generosity, as you give in so many ways. xox


    • Anne, thank you for your love and good cheer. I’m so glad they “count” toward the scrappy happy intentions of this monthly theme. I really look forward to it. The kits are gone, so I’m looking for ways to make more. xo


  4. Your creativity and generosity are so heartwarming, dear Alys! The craft kits will inspire others to discover the joys of creating. Who knows where it might lead them? I’m so happy that your Little Free Library remains open! I know just how appreciative that teacher feels to borrow your books while the public library is closed. Sharing books with my young students helped them grow into thoughtful readers and writers. Teachers and parents who read aloud every day are giving children the gift of reading! Your LFL is a gift to all who visit… especially now. Your Easter cards are just delightful! Alys, your light continues to shine during this very challenging time ~ and I’m honored to be your friend! Sending big air hugs across the miles! Stay safe! 💗


  5. I loved the Easter cards. You did a great job with them. My daughter agrees. 😉 I’ll send a note soon. The vintage cards always warm the heart. It’s wonderful what you did with your scraps and giving away extra crafting supplies to kids that need to be kept busy. Another successful scrap happy post. 😉


    • Thank you, Cathy. The kits were a hit, and I imagine the Easter cards brightened some mailboxes as well. We’ve had a steep decline in mail since the shelter in place, and what does arrive goes straight into the recycle bin.


  6. I love those cards and what better time to recieve one when its not possible to meet up with friends and family at Easter? The crafting packs are an inspired idea – I hope children took them and had fun with them.


    • Thank you, Lynn. I love the cheerful Easter colors, even though I’m not geneally a pink and yellow person. As for the craft kits, they’ve been snapped up, so I’ll see what I can pull together to make more.


  7. What a wonderful think to do with your spare crafting stuff. I know that I would have been over the moon had I come across one of those packs as a kid. I bet you will find you have some homemade offerings there in a few days.


  8. wonderful idea to put together crafting packs. My location doesn’t make it possible to put things out on my property – wonder if the municipality would go crazy if I put a table on the boulevard. Luckly children to find your offerings. The cards are lovely and very special for the recipients.


  9. Look at you miss crafty ! It’s a fun way to keep busy and using up some stuff 😀 Love the little chick saying peep peep. Next up, May long weekend. I would usually get plants that weekend, but hitting up so many stores for plants, dirt, etc seems too risky at this time. Maybe by then things will improve. Take care lovely xK


    • It’s been a lot of fun.

      So are your stores going to be open for the long May weekend? Here they’ve allowed places like Home Depot to stay open, and they also sell plants, but I don’t think the nurseries are open. It does seem like an unfair advantage, as most nurseries have limited time to make money during the year. Retail is a hard, hard business. I hope they make it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I guess we’ll see what transpires by then. Who knows what the May long weekend will look like. It’s one day at a time here. I just saw on our news that some States will allow things to open back up. How on earth can that possibly work? People in States that aren’t practicing social distancing might travel to a state that is? Oh man, I’m so afraid for everyone down there. Be safe lovely !!


  10. I think as long as projects are mostly scraps, it’s okay to put in some other things to finish them. Your cards are beautiful, and I’m sure they will cheer up anyone who receives one. The kits and the library are wonderful free items for clearing out your extras and unused things, and for giving little hands something to do and little minds something to fly away.


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