An Unexpected Treasure at the Nursery

On a recent visit to SummerWinds Nursery, I rounded the corner to find this:

potted ficus with do not move tage

Potted Ficus carefully tied to a cart

They’ve pushed a shopping cart against a sheltered exterior wall. Resting on top is a potted Ficus, attached to the cart with twine. The warning is clear: Do not move!

So what is all the fuss about?

Potted ficus

Potted Ficus

Come have a closer look.

nesting Anna's hummingbird

Nesting Anna’s hummingbird

It’s a nesting Anna’s hummingbird, native to this part of California. She must be resting on eggs, generally two. The eggs incubate for about two weeks, then the young spend another three weeks in the nest.

There is something about a mama bird in her nest that makes my heart sing. I wanted to linger, but her comfort outstripped my desire to pull up a chair and just sit there all afternoon. I took a non-flash snapshot with my phone from a distance, then zoomed in when I got home.

On the subject of nests and homes, my older son is home from college for spring break. I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with all three of my “men” in the house.

Ah, spring. Thank you for all these gifts.





45 thoughts on “An Unexpected Treasure at the Nursery

  1. Oh, how wonderful and marvelous โ€” both to see your photo of the mama hummingbird, and to know that the kind folks at the nursery are looking out for her. Thank you for this lovely and uplifting post. And have a wonderful weekend with your three men! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. That is amazing – that she would choose such a low and open spot to nest. I’m so glad you got a photo without disturbing her. I wonder if the garden folk stand guard over her so other, less careful folk, children perhaps, do no inadvertent harm? So pleased you have all three of your men home for the weekend. Have a wonderful time!


    • Pauline, a few years back I used to watch one of those live-cams with a hummingbird nesting in a rose bush. It does seem awfully low, doesn’t it? By elevating the Ficus on the cart, she’s considerable higher than she would have been originally, so I’m sure that helps. She’s probably a foot taller in the tree than I am. And the pot is secured to a heavy cart. I’ll check back in a month to see if I can get an update.

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            • I had a friend in college who referred to her self as a “short person with a tall attitude”. She insisted there were four types of people: short with a short attitude, short with a tall attitude, tall with a tall attitude and finally tall with a short attitude. It seemed to work for her to fit people into these categories. I haven’t thought about that in years. With my height I’m very popular at grocery stores as I can reach the top shelves. Conversely, I’m miserable on airplanes where I feel like I have to squish my frame in a seat made for a 12 year old.

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              • I am always hopeful of finding someone like you in the store, sometimes I think I should carry my little step stool about with me…… I’m uncomfortable on a plane, it can’t be good for you! Do you take yourself off for walks when doing the long hauls?


                • I get sleepy on the plane, so I often try to fill the long hours with sleep. It is so uncomfortable. They frown on too much activity on the plane since 9/11 so I try to get an Aisle seat so I can at least stretch my legs (and try not to inadvertently trip anyone).

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  3. Have a wonderful weekend with all three of your men, Alys ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    The photos haven’t come up on my iPhone but if I’ve understood correctly, a humming bird is nesting on flowers at the nursery? That is amazing!


  4. How lovely. I love hummers. We never see them this early in VA. Do check back and let us know if she hatches any little ones. Have a great weekend.


  5. This is just a happy all the way around post!!! The nursery people are taking gentle care of the humming bird, you got a good photo op and the whole family will be together again. How lovely that will be. Spring and her many treasures.


  6. How thrilling! There is something simply irresistible about hummingbirds and to view a nest is joy! And I am happy that you’ll have your son home for spring break. I can remember the anticipation of having my own son home from college. Happy homecoming!


    • Debra, it’s wonderful. And even when he’s sitting on his bed reading, just knowing he’s home makes my heart sing. They’re off getting haircuts now, then I’m meeting them for lunch at our favorite place.

      As for the hummingbirds, I agree. They’re little jewels flitting about the garden. I got to hold one once (we rescued it from a sidewalk). We took her to a rescue place and they rehabbed her and set her free. But to hold her and feed her over night with a dropper was pure bliss. How old is your son now?


  7. When I saw that it was a photo of a Ficus, I wondered what might be so special. How wonderful! Be sure to let us know if you go back.
    I’m off to FB to see photos of you and all your men ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Thank you for the picture of the nesting mama and the flowers in your spring garden. So uplifting to those of us who can’t get out as often as we’d like!


  9. Little sweet thing. How awesome that the garden centre is so careful for her. I’m just back from Vancouver (with a cold,ug) and everything of course is green there. It rained on day which I loved because it smelled so fresh. We’re waiting patiently for spring, it’s yet to come here. Flying over the prairies there’s still a lot of white everywhere. But it’s going to be pretty nice all week so we’re on our way. Have a fun week with those boys of yours! I’m sure Chris is happy to be back. Just over a week now till I can wrap my arms around you with a big hug! I can’t wait. xoxo โค


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