Have Yourself a Fairy Little Christmas

42 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Fairy Little Christmas

  1. The title of this post alone made it perfect! What an adorable spruce-up of the fairy garden–I love the creativity involved! Have a magical, mystical, marvelous Christmas, Alys.


  2. So cute – you do have wonderful fun as a fairy gardener Alys!! It’s Christmas morning here already and our beach walk today may be postponed – or wet!! Have a wondrous Eve and a lovely, peaceful, joyous day tomorrow. Thank you for bringing so much fun and laughter and joy into my life this year xoxo


    • Merry, happy Christmas, Pauline! I’m sorry to hear you’re getting more rain. It’s supposed to be hot and sunny, isn’t it? Thank you for your well wishes and for your lovely words. Love and light, dear friend.


  3. How sweet this is Alys. The more I see of your fairy garden the more eager I am to start on one of my own. You must come to VA in the spring and help me get started. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    • Amy, you will fall in love with fairy gardening. It is such a joy. Kelly and I hope to make it out your way in the spring, so fingers crossed it all works out. How lovely to meet you in person. Merry Christmas, Amy.


  4. As Santa flew his Reindeer by,
    A Fairy Garden caught his eye.
    A whistle stopped his team right then,
    Ho ho ho was heard as they decend.

    Since Santa is magic, he can fly,
    over Fairy Gardens waiving, hi !!
    Hi Alys, Hi Mike, Mac, Chris and Mouse
    There’s also sweet Lindsay down there in their house.

    Wishing I had a carriage like Santa too
    I’d hop right in to visit you.
    Mine would be nice seafoam blue
    The most wondrous and magical hue

    My own Reindeer team would have fun names
    and I would be laughing and holding the reins.
    On Toby, Haley and John!
    Felix, Fiona, Suzy and Juan!

    It’s 7 little Reindeer for Boomdee Indeed,
    Because we’d fly on love 7 is all we’d need.

    Merry Christmas Sweet Alys xoxox

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  5. Good Morning, Alys! I am in Atlanta with Andrew and Jon (and Wilson and Tela, their absolutely wonderful Labradoodles). While I wait for everyone else to wake up, I am catching up on WP. What a treat to sit quietly with coffee on Christmas morning and visit friends.
    Your photos are so fun!
    Wishing you and the whole households lots of love this holiday! I sish I could put it as cleverly as Kelly, but … well …. that’s not going to happen ๐Ÿ™‚

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