No Bigger Than Thumbelina

fairy garden jungle

Fairy garden jungle?

Imagine for a moment that you’re no bigger than Thumbelina. You’ve been away for a while, and when you return your garden is overgrown.

Nature’s been kind this year. The longed-for rain finally fell and the earth smiled. Precious seeds pushed up through the dampened soil, welcomed by the warming sun.

curb garden pink flower

They grew healthy and strong. Encouraged by continued rains, seedlings turned into plants. Starter leaves became true leaves and from there they spread. Tiny greens stretched out across the land, filling the once-vacant landscape.

The fairy house still stands, but the garden surrounding it looks more like a forest. The giant gardener who presides over the land retreated for quiet contemplation.

Allowing nature to be her guide, the giant gardener issued a decree:

The land heretofore known as the fairy garden will be given over to the trees and any tiny deer passing by.

fairy garden deer

Foraging in the forest

And it was so.

The giant gardener waved her magic spade and a lake-side, fairy-sized, mossy, watery retreat appeared.

fairy garden lake

Fairy Garden Lakeside Retreat

Verdant moss to tickle the toes blankets the earth. Tiny succulents line the edges for privacy and a break from the wind.

fairy garden chair and lantern

For reading by lamp light

A small chair for reading nestles in the greens, and a hammock is at the ready nearby.

fairy garden hut with canopy

Lots of places to relax, but it’s particularly fragrant under the umbrella

Fairies can cool off in an improvised lake, a ceramic bowl rescued from a nearby thrift shop.

fairy garden ceramic pond

On Fairy Garden Pond

All our welcome in the wee-sized, lake-side fairy garden retreat.

A straw umbrella, made from the shell of an orange and a few strips of raffia give shelter from the hot sun.

fairy garden grass hut

Refreshed from a recent rain

There is, however, a small price of admission: one must possess a child-like imagination and the ability to leave one’s worries at the foot of the tiny ladder below.

fairy garden rope ladder

Leave your troubles at the foot of the ladder

20 thoughts on “No Bigger Than Thumbelina

    • Good morning, Pauline! Thank you. I hope you have a lovely autumn day in your near future after your coffee and a walk with Siddy. I’m getting my haircut in about an hour and can’t wait. Nothing too drastic, but I’m hoping to lose several inches off the bottom layer to lighten the load for summer. It’s so nice to find your comment.

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  1. Once upon a Time, there was a youngish Canadian lass who tend to wander off from time to time, never knowing where or when she’d turn up. In her mind, she thought it’d be good to follow a rainbow, and so she did. As luck would have it, she stumbled into a beautiful tropical oasis, a feast for her sore eyes and a quaint little chair to set a spell and rest her tired feet. As the rain drops freshened natures beauty all around her, a little frog croaked out a song she’d requested, “I like the mountains…la la la la la la”. As her eyes got heavy, she spied the perfect napping spot under a straw canopy. With a gentle nudge from a sweet dear, the little hammock swayed ever so slowly. Back and forth, to and fro…she began to doze off. In the garden pond, little frog sang, “I like the flowers, I like the rolling hills…….la la la la”. It’s magical she thought, just magical, I’m so glad I wandered by. Dreams do come true when the giant gardener is you xoxo K


  2. Alys, I swear I thought I’d left a comment on this post! I must be losing it 🙂
    I love the visual of the giant gardener waving her magic spade, and that ladder is wonderful.
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!


    • Thank you, Laurie. This happens to me all the time. I write a comment and forget to hit send, or think that I did and did not OR I “write” a comment in my head and don’t actually follow through with the keyboard. Ha!


  3. The gremlins are playing with me again and hiding things from me including your post. I’m not sure what that’s about but glad I found this. Your fairy garden looks so fresh and fun. Leaving your troubles at the bottom of the ladder is a great idea. Love the moss floor.


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