Have Carrot, Will Travel or Where’s Gardenerd?

Have you seen or heard from Gardenerd?

alys with gardenerdWell technically *I am* a gardening nerd and you’re hearing from me now, but this is different. Gardenerd is the brain child and mascot of Christy Wilhelmi, in Los Angeles, California. Here’s a snippet from Gardenerd: The Ultimate Resource for Garden Nerds.

Are you obsessed with organic gardening, have a thirst for knowledge and a healthy sense of humor? Whether you’re a novice or garden nerd veteran, there’s a place for you here.

At least a year ago my PR assistant, Mel, gave me a carrot plush toy. It’s the cutest thing ever. It also spawned an idea we couldn’t pass up. What if we sent this plush toy around the world so people could photograph it in their gardens? What if gardenerds all over the planet could then post their photos to Twitter or Instagram for all of us to share?

I’m like a child in a candy shop with this sort of thing. After meeting the traveling carrot via Sarah’s video, I quickly added my name to the list of garden hosts.

Gardenerd arrived in San Jose, California last week. He traveled thousands of miles from Waiuku, New Zealand via Sarah The Gardener. Sarah enclosed a few Kiwi treasures with her package as well. What fun!

Thank you, Sarah!!!

Gardenerd arrived with the first of several storms, bringing much-needed rain to our drought-parched state. What a weekend!

My first order of business was to take a quick pic in the garden with our guest. Mouse the Cat insisted on meeting him as well. As you can see, Mouse doesn’t have a shy bone in his body.

Gardenerd and mouse

By Saturday the rain was really coming down, so some quick rain gear was in order.

gardenerd in the garden

Gardenerd checks out the California native plants #wheresgardenerd

A produce bag, a newspaper cover and some scotch tape did the trick and he was ready to spend some time in the garden.

gardenerd on the garden trug

Gardenerd in his rain gear. He’s resting on my new planting Trug.

It’s been a busy time in the garden with the first day of spring less than two weeks away. I’ve been rotating compost bins, preparing gardening beds and assembling an elevated gardening bed called a Trug. More about that later. With the recent rain, the weeds are having a second go at garden domination. Sadly, they’re in for a disappointment. I’ve been plucking weeds and renegade lawn on a daily basis, keeping the garden in good shape.

Stay tuned for updates as I show my visitor around my garden and the nearby community.

If you’re interested in hosting Gardenerd, you can grab the details here.

You can follow Gardenerd’s adventures on Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #wheresgardenerd (with one ‘n’)

25 thoughts on “Have Carrot, Will Travel or Where’s Gardenerd?

  1. I’m so pleased he arrived safely and you got the rain I sent too! Mouse is probably meeting Toast the Cat as it would seem Mt Gardenerd is popular with the felines! Enjoy your guest – he is a load of fun to have around.
    Cheers Sarah : o)


  2. Isn’t he just the cutest carrot!! I can see this is right up your street Alys – almost like Halloween without you getting dressed up 😀 I watched the video – so obviously New Zealand – landscape and accent 🙂 It’s hot here at the other end of the country too – better late than never I guess, but like Sarah, it’s been just too hot 🙂 I’m just lurking around the computer waiting for our skype session to start……………. So glad to hear you are getting a good amount of the watery stuff xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is the most delightful post!, A Gardenerd!, And now I’m intrigued with the trug. I think it is appropriate for Gardenerd to have a produce bag and newspaper hat for rain gear.😁seems I have brought cool , windy weather to Phoenix as well . It could be a bumpy flight.😕 Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marlene, If you want Gardenerd to visit your garden, you can contact her and have your name added to the list. He’s a polite guest. 😉

      So, windy and cool in Phoenix. Imagine that. I’m loving this week of grey skies, clouds, a bit of blue and then rain. The northern bay area is getting hammered, and Sonoma is sadly under a flood watch. This is the part we feared with El Nino conditions: the all at once storms. The reservoirs are gaining inches and the snow pack melt will help as well. My garden sure is happy. I have an entire swath of sweet peas growing around one of the natives. They’ll die off with our first big heat, but I’m hoping they’ll flower before then. Stay tuned. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip.

      Liked by 1 person

      • All that rain because you took out your grass. Aren’t you proud of yourself? :))) I remember floods in Phoenix too. 1978 they were canoeing down our street and the kids and I were filling sandbags. It’s a strange world. 🙂 I will pass on a garden guest until I get a garden. 🙂


  4. LOL, Gardenerd! That’s fantastic 😀 What a fun idea! I’m going to remember to look for the tag in Instagram and see where else she’s been traveling. Is it she or he? Hmmmm either I suppose. The rain gear pic’s cracked me up, hahaha! You’re so dear to make sure Gardenerd remained clean and dry. I actually noted in Sarah’s video, when she show her corn, that GN is laying near an empty raised garden bed face down in the dirt 😀 and I laughed.
    I enjoyed Sarah’s video too, she obviously takes a lot of joy from gardening and everything looks gorgeous. I didn’t see a single brown spot or blight on anything. I do like that things are all growing in little islands and not great long rows. A really pleasing landscapey (not a real word, but should be) look to it all. I wish I had her accent 😀 People with accents sound extra smart to me for some reason, LOL. What about that beautiful sky?
    I always love seeing what mouse is up too and these photo’s are so dang cute. He was really into it wasn’t he? “Wait a minute, my girlfriend is carrying around a giant carrot that smells like a cat!” tee-hee. How do you decide where to send Gardenerd next? xox ❤ ❤


  5. I thought I recognised Gardenerd. I hope he’s enjoying the Northern Hemisphere. And great he brought the rain with him 🙂

    Anyway, this post tickled me pink!


  6. Oh, I love this! Gardennerd. Perfection. And you made such nice rain gear for him/her/it. Certainly looks a very happy vegetable! What a really cute idea. From the comments, there has been some wide traveling!


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