Lemons on my Mind

dwarf lemon tree

Dwarf lemon tree sits on our property line

As life in the garden prepares to rest, the lemons are coming into their own. Our dwarf lemon grows along the side of the house, so I see the changes whenever I come up the drive.

baby dinosaur lemon tree

April, 2015 Baby dinosaur?

The fruit formed earlier this year, slowly growing to full size. Doesn’t it look like a baby dinosaur? As the temperatures cool and the days grow shorter, dark green gives way to yellow.

lemons turning yellow

Lemons with potential

lemons and a web

This pair of lemons hides a spider’s web

I prune the tree a couple of times a year to keep it compact. Otherwise it grows into our respective walkways that separate the two homes. I was initially concerned that all this pruning would be hard on the tree, but I’ve since read that keeping it compact will help maintain a manageable  harvest. Now I’m completely at peace with my pruning regime.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of drinking lemon water each day, so as I write this I’m reminded of a good habit I need to resume.

According to Why You Should Start Your Day With Lemon Water:

it has myriad health benefits, from helping your immune system to offering an antioxidant boost, explains Amy Myers, MD, author of The Autoimmune Solution ($21, amazon.com)

“Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system,” Myers tells Health. “It’s refreshing, and it tastes good,” she says.

On top of that, “lemons are very high in bioflavonoids that destroy harmful free radicals that damage blood vessels and cause inflammation,” osteopath Vicky Vlachonis, author of The Body Doesn’t Lie ($20, amazon.com), tells Health. “Plus, the invigorating smell just wakes you up.”

Soon I’ll be able to harvest my own lemons at home. I’ll pick up some lemons at the market till the harvest comes in.

This one didn’t make it…

split lemon on tree

Sometimes lemons split on the tree. Factors include temperature fluctuations, humidity, heavy rainfall, dry soil though over-watering is more harmful than a drought

…but these are right on track for a brilliant yellow harvest.

lemons turning yellow

Turning yellow

25 thoughts on “Lemons on my Mind

  1. Like you I have fallen out of the habit of adding lemon into my first glass of water of the day – must remedy that situation! I keep thinking I would love to have a lemon tree again and as I am redoing the tiny courtyard this is the perfect time to remedy THAT situation. A timely post indeed dear Alys, many thanks for the wonderful reminders xoxo


  2. You are so fortunate to have a dwarf lemon tree in your garden, Alys! It was fascinating to watch them grow on your tree. I love, love, love lemons! I do start each day with a tall glass of lemon water. It’s so refreshing and healthy! I really wish we could grow them here. Lemons are quite expensive in our stores. Wishing you a great week, Alys! ♡


    • I’ve heard from others that they are quite pricey. We are lucky to have this tree producing so nicely. We had an ancient lemon tree when we first bought the house, but it had not been properly trained and one day the tree literally split in two. I came home to find it sprawled across the lawn. We were very sorry to see it go, bought the dwarf to replace it, but it didn’t bear fruit for many years. It makes me enjoy it all the more I think.

      Good for you for starting your day with lemon water. I see from a few other comments here that it has really caught on.

      Have a terrific week. I just started Susan Branch’s book last night.

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  3. Wow. A lemon tree. How nice to have this and watch it yield its fruit. Ah, lemons. I started with the lemon jounce and water a couple weeks ago and then forgot. Will start again with your beautiful tree in mind.


  4. Now whatcha wanna do is, load up your crop there Alys-Ann and haul em up to market. (I’d say it like we’re hanging round in our overalls with a twitch of straw to chew on).

    Your tree is loaded ! Does the neighbour harvest any? It’s one of those magical California things because we’ll never be growing lemons in Edmonton……..or because it’s Halloween week, Deadmonton 😀

    I’ve probably told you before but generally we pay a buck a piece. But they must be ‘in season’ because they were only 3 for $1.00 at the market this week. I juice them for Broccoli, Asparagus and green beans…so much yummier than butter.

    Do you ever put them in the bath? I love the smell? oxxoxo


  5. Alys, I bought a lemon last night for lemon drizzle cake but decided against using it. Glad I did as your post has prompted me to have lemon and honey for breakfast. Perhaps this will help the psoriasis on my hands.

    Anyway, I would love a lemon tree but in view of their size (as I’ve learned from your post), I think that is a no-no.

    How soon will you be able to eat your lemons?


  6. How lovely to be able to grow your own lemons – no chance in England unless you keep them inside most of the year. Tea makes me nauseas first thing in the morning so I always drink lemon in hot water. Such a good start to the day.


  7. Mmmm, one of the advantages of living in your part of the world! It must be wonderful picking your own lemons for breakfast. I can almost taste that zingy feshness now! 🙂


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