The Gift of Friendship

My word of the year is connections.

The first thing I read this morning was Pauline’s post The Gift of Friendship which illustrates the extraordinary connections to be had through blogging. In early April, five bloggers from around the world will converge on Washington, D.C. Only two of us have met in person, but we all found each other through blogging.

Please come read about our plans.

The Contented Crafter

If you have been tagging along with this blog for a while you will have read on many occasions of my appreciation for the delightful people that blogging has introduced into my life.   I love how certain folks circle around different bloggers, how we introduce each other to new and exciting blogs – how we click with new people.  I sometimes forget how I stumbled across someone and then will see another name in the comments and remember that I gatecrashed their party a year ago and have been having a growing relationship ever since …..   I’ve made some really good friends while blogging.  And never actually met a single one of them!

But that is all about to change!

Recently some of these friends put their heads together and decided to make something happen.  They invited me to come stay for a few days.  A week of…

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24 thoughts on “The Gift of Friendship

  1. Aren’t the photo’s in this post amazing hon? We’re going to look just so cute posing in all that fluffy pinkness! OMGosh, I need new jammies and some new sandals too. I’m off to bed for some beauty sleep, LOL Do people still say that I wonder? I did this test on FB and I turned out to be 50 while Sherri was only 42. I picked mashed potatoes and Mozart, she picked pizza and the Rolling Stones, LOL why am I surprised. I’m a old lady in a young ladies bod 😀 Toodles Noodles xoxoxoxo K

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  2. You guys are the coolest. I really hope you all photo, journal, and then post about the grand get together. It is sure to be one trip that will make headlines and history! I cannot wait to hear and read all about it.


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