Computer Woes

My trusty laptop gave up the ghost today. It’s been sending subtle and not so subtle signs for weeks. My live in tech support, who also has a day job, tried his best. It seems my hard drive may be in park for good. I’m glad that all my photos automatically back up to Google. Here’s hoping the rest of the backups are in order.

With luck, I’ll be back in business next week. Have a restful, hassle free weekend.


23 thoughts on “Computer Woes

  1. Sorry to hear it Alys. If Mike can’t get it working it must be a done deal. You’re really smart to have all your photo’s backed up. I need to get organized on the whole back up thing. Do you know what you’ll want to buy now? As you know, I have a Mac and really love it. I really love your big monitor in the office. It’d be so much easier for photoshop. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend too, albeit with less technology. That might not even be a bad thing xo 😀


    • It’s so odd, but in my mind I wrote and posted a reply yet it isn’t here. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. LOL.

      Mike got me up and running. Turns out the hard drive wasn’t the culprit but some gadget he attached to the lap top to give me places to plug in all my chargers.

      I don’t know anyone with a Mac that doesn’t love it. Have you always used one? I feel like an old fuddy duddy set in my ways. I’ve used a PC for years.

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      • oh yay, so that worked out well. Mr B bought a Dell PC way back when home PC’s were the thing. I think it had windows 95?? Ha, I’m not sure. But since then I’ve owned a Mac Notebook. I did use a Computer at work with many many programs but it didn’t have a document app because I never typed my own correspondence, so I think it was a ‘one-of-a-kind’ in house unit. The screen was giant so that I could open several programs at once and have a view of all. We do have a pc at Urban though and I’m always doing things a little backwards. Or that’s my story and I don’t have a better one…LOL xK


        • It’s a good story. It sure made me smile.

          I’m sure this old dog could learn a new trick. Perhaps when this one goes belly up for good I’ll look into it.

          M. is a die hard Mac user. I keep teasing that I’m going to get an Android phone when our contract is up. He swears he’ll never forgive me. Talk about brand loyalty.

          Mike has both a Mac and a PC based computer, but he mostly uses the PC for game playing. His work laptop is also a Mac.

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  2. Oh dear! When they go, they seem not to want to get better either. I hope you get a new one soon – it was the best thing I did after months of nursing along a temperamental and delusional old pc. And yes, thank goodness for Google back-up, any kind of back up really! 🙂 I hope you have a nice, sunny weekend and can get out and enjoy it! xoxo


  3. Hi Alys. I am so with you right now. My laptop motherboard died last week. Tecky boffins were able to eventually get my info off it – all 200Gig. But I only got the laptop in Nov – so it is going back to the store. In the meantime I am limping along on one that has so many issues I think it may need some counseling! I will be backing up every day from now on! Lesson learnt. I hope you are back up and running soon.
    Cheers Sarah : o )


    • Hi Sarah,

      I just caught up with your blog this morning. Wow you’ve had quite the week.

      What terrible performance from a computer that you’ve only had a few months. I hope you get a full refund or a new and improved laptop.

      Technology is great while it works. I’m lost without it. It was funny writing a short blog from my phone.

      ..” I think it may need some counseling.’ You made me laugh.



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