The Garden Hums Along

June is a month of growth. My boys turn another year older, with a year’s growth dutifully marked on the wall. On the other side of the wall, the garden is humming along.

Teenage boys have hearty appetites, while gardens continuously quench a powerful thirst. They appear to grow overnight. It’s thrilling and unnerving at the same time.  Suddenly everyone’s growth accelerates.

On the garden front, the sunflowers have dwarfed the Salvia, though they are by no means behind the curve.

Sunflowers, Salvia and Pumpkins

Sunflowers, Salvia and Pumpkins

By season’s end the sage should double in size. Planting sunflowers in the same bed is a one-time affair. By next season it will be too crowded. I’ve planted sunflowers in five different locations over the years, and as long as they receive sun and outsmart the squirrels for a few weeks, they do well.

sunflower buds

Sunflowers ready to bloom

dark sunflower bud

Another Sunflower Variety

The seedlings at the front of the beds are doing well. They stayed under the screen savers long enough that they were able to take a foothold. The taller plants in the back row didn’t have the same protection, and most of them succumbed to snails. One or two hung in there evading detection, and within a few days most of them will bloom. I can hardly wait.

The EarthBox pumpkins are sending out flowers daily. The bees are working their magic.

pumpkin flowers

Flowering Pumpkins

pumpkin tendril pretzel

Look…I grew a pretzel

pumpkin tendrils

I call this one ‘threading the needle’

pumpkin tendril on trellis

Just like the old-fashioned telephone cord

Today I harvested the first of the delicious, sweet tomatoes and remembered to pinch the flowers from the tips of our basil. Once the basil starts to flower, the leaves aren’t as sweet. I’ve learned to nip them in the bud early. This keeps production going.

If you bend your ear to the earth you should be able to hear it too: hummmmmmm.

tomato harvest

Harvested tomatoes with a cherry on top

19 thoughts on “The Garden Hums Along

  1. I love your eye – you notice the beauty of the working aspects of the plant – not just the pickable bit! I adore tendrils – they are so delicate looking, so easily crushed or broken, yet can help hold up the weight of a fruiting or flowering plant. Magic! How wonderful that you are harvesting so much already. You are inspiring me! 🙂


  2. One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy……I have a call from Boomtown, she says she’s been asleep under the pumpkin leaves since 7pm…LOL

    What cute old-timey telephone cords you’re growing. Hummmming along indeed, a well old machine you have there friend. Are those Roma’s? I love how you twined together your glorious garden and your growing family, how sweet. This delightful read could only be made better if I could come over and munch down those tomatoes with moza and balsamic right now. Why do you wake up hungry when you absolutely know it’s the worst time to snack? xoK


    • Hi, LB. I’ve grown and transplanted from seed and also from starter plants. Sunflowers are pretty hardy. Make sure you new spot gets lots of sun, transplant when the sun is low in the sky to protect the roots from burn, and give them a nice blanket of mulch. Yeah!!!


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