My Pretty Porch

The lovely Boomdee is celebrating her birthday today, and not only that, she’s celebrating in her new home. I’m sharing her post from this time last year, which coincidentally involves her pretty porch. We share a mutual love of sprucing things up, among many things. Happy Birthday, Boomdee! We can’t wait to see the magic you bring to your new home. xox


Living in a condo doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity to nurture your green thumb but I always look forward to the month of June.  June is when us northerners get all our planter pots prettied-up and set out for the glorious summer days ahead.

Northern Gardener


With that in mind, I diligently hit my local garden centre June 6th, planted everything with tender care and then waited for the rain to stop…..and waited….and waited some more (Alberta’s been hit hard).

More Rain

Last year, I went banana’s and the porch overflowed with GIANT pots of blooms.  So pretty but a little tricky for visitors.

Porch 2012

This year, I decided I’d pretty things up with a couple of craft projects and smaller pots.   I just loved this dainty ‘Teacup Bird Bath’ I got  at the local Farmers Market , but in typical Boomdee fashion, I smashed it to bits before summer…

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