Strawberries After All

garden strawberries

Strawberries after all

After complaining about the ant invasion in our strawberry patch, I’m happy to be eating my words.  I reached in to the dense green foliage of the strawberry patch and came up with the perfect berry: ripe, bright red and ready to eat.  The ants moved on, preferring the cast-offs from the fruit tree. The rats and squirrels eat half, then dump the rest for the ants and the fruit flies.

No matter.  I gathered the berries the snails missed, and put them to good use that night.  The day before, I read  Strawberry glut daiquiri at Promenade Plantings.

I’m not much of a drinker, unless you count water and tea, but this sounded really good.  We actually had white rum and lime in the house, so it all seemed serendipitous.  If you have your own glut of strawberries and you like the occasional fruity drink with a kick, this drink is delicious.

What else can you do with all those strawberries?

Check out these suggestions from my blogging community:

Please drink responsibly.

18 thoughts on “Strawberries After All

    • LOL! They’re not nearly as good for you soaked in rum, but for the occasional treat, delicious.

      Berries are an amazing nutritional deal, filled with vitamins, fiber, and delicious goodness. Enjoy.


  1. Oh yummy! Strawberries are so delicious, especially when you grow them yourself! Ours have been producing like crazy over here and every day, I pick a huge bowl of them! I made a pound cake, got some Cool Whip, and added lots of strawberries on top! Yummy! By the way Alys, I ordered that beautiful stencil that I showed you and it arrived yesterday. Now I can’t wait to make something – – I hear a blog post coming up on that! LOL (Cutting Edge Stencils are the best and have lots of stencils to choose from!) ❤


    • Hurray for strawberries. I’m happy to hear yours are doing well. It sounds like an abundant crop.

      I’m so glad you ordered the stencil you were pining for. Hurray for you. I can’t wait to see your next project.


      • Oh boy, fresh picked strawberries are so much better than store bought! I picked yet another huge bowl of them today, planning on eating half of them tonight! I love love love my new stencil, and now I want to use it in our bathroom too! Oh the possibilities!


  2. Thanks for the Link Alys,
    Those berries look HUGE and delicious. There is a good crop here this year, they actually taste pretty close to strawberry-ish and are a good size. But 6 pints cost 20 dollars. Seems like a lot to me- growing your own is a much better option. Love that drink option. I could get into that!!


  3. Yum! I love to make this rhubarb and strawberry crumble when my thighs aren’t already rubbing together, HA. Way to claim some of the prize. Between ants, snails, rats and squirrels it isn’t easy. They look beautiful too. I’m not much of a daiquiri drinker but I’m sure Jim would gobble that down in a synch. I can’t believe how affordable they are right now given someone tends them, picks them, packages them and ships them. People complain about the price of food but honestly, I’m amazed it isn’t more. xxx<3


    • I busted out laughing at your thigh comment. You are so funny.

      That crumble sounds delicious, regardless of one’s thighs, but I can relate.

      It is amazing how affordable produce can be at the right time of year, but we don’t pay our farm works a living wage, so I know that sadly factors in.

      People have no room to complain…but they do! Ha.


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