Birds and Blueberries

A few months ago I took a beginning birding class from Let’s Go Birding! Although we learned about hummingbirds in the classroom, the field trip the following Saturday covered the gamut. Ever since I’ve enjoyed identifying the birds visiting our garden.

I have a nifty “Quick Guide” to commonly seen local birds to help me out. The illustrated guide gives a brief description of the bird’s size and coloring, along with the time of year they appear in your area. They’ve even provided a tiny box so you can check off the ones you’ve seen. Who can resist a little check box? Not me!

Ana's Hummingbird

Ana’s Hummingbird

The Ana’s hummingbirds are here year round. We have three feeders to choose from, along with Mexican Sage, Abutilon, Raspberries and a few other flowers they enjoy. During nesting season the females also eat soft spiders and other small insects for protein.

lesser Goldfinch

Lesser Goldfinch

I spotted a Lesser Goldfinch this morning in the triangle garden. This one is enjoying  Bachelor Button seeds. I didn’t know before today that Bachelor Buttons and sunflowers are from the same family. They’re both members of the Asteraceae or Compositae family, a favorite of this tiny yellow bird.

Bewick's Wren

Bewick’s Wren

Bewick’s Wrens
eat the eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults of insects and other small invertebrates. They’ll occasionally eat seeds and fruit. I spied this one over the weekend on the back fence.  Dropped fruit means lots of tiny fruit flies, so as soon as I cleared out with my camera, I’m sure a smorgasbord was under way.

So, what do blueberries and birds have in common? Absolutely nothing. I’m just delighted to have my first handful of blueberries flourishing in the garden.




9 thoughts on “Birds and Blueberries

  1. Looks like you got right into the thick of things to capture a photo of the Goldfinch. He looks a little surprised to see you, teehee. My favourite is the little puff ball of a Wren. Aren’t their feet tiny? You’d think they’d tip right over but I guess they’re mostly layers of cozy feathers and their bodies are probably super teeny-tiny. I think I might have been a bird at one time. I just love all types. I spent the day at the new house and while in the garage, I watched a little gang of sparrows hop all the way down the alley. It looked like they were having fun even though they were probably foraging for their daily rations.

    Now you have blueberries, wow. They are so overpriced here, I only buy them as a treat or if they’re on sale. Typically they’re on sale when you have to eat them quickly. Jim loves them and will eat them by the bowl full. I prefer to toss them into my fiber cereal. But actually enjoy a banana in my cereal more.

    It’s a wonder all those birds hang around with all the kitties in the yard. I guess they’re all just happy for your company. ❤ xoK


  2. Birds and blueberries! A song of Summer! Just beautiful all round really. We have goldfinches here and I have even seen them in my tiny garden on a couple of occasions. They seemed to like the lavender – I don’t know if they were after the seed heads or maybe it h had some tasty bugs on it 🙂


  3. Good post Alys! I have blueberries up here too but have to protect them on all sides with wire cages and netting during the fruiting season – birds and chipmunks would get them all otherwise. I also once witnessed our local wild Bobcat spraying the blueberries as he made his territorial rounds:) I always wash my blueberries now after that sight as you can imagine!


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