Daddy’s Designs, Daughter’s Haiku

In honor of my dad, I’ve written haiku to go with his landscape drawings.

Dad painted and drew as a hobby, but he also studied horticulture and worked at a nursery. These drawings are loose pages from one of his sketch book. My parents sold his paintings before we moved to the US in 1966. These are among the few possessions to arrive with us from Canada. I don’t know if he drew them for a class or for a potential client, but I love them dearly.

Many years ago I had one of dad’s landscape paintings professionally framed. It was expensive at the time, so I never thought about framing his sketches. I should frame them now. The thought just occurred to me as I type this. I guess I needed to write this post.

Daddy’s Designs

Beautiful drawings
lovely landscapes in pencil
Eric Milner. Dad.

Eric Milner: Garden Design

Eric Milner: Garden Design

Art flowed from his hands
three-dimensional gardens.
May I sit under the tree?

copyright Eric Milner

Eric Milner Design: Patio Near Garage

Eric Milner Designs: Planting Pocket

Eric Milner Designs: Planting Pocket

Garden steps and ramps
I’m glad he would never know
Sharon would need one

Eric Milner Designs: Steps and Ramps

Eric Milner Designs: Steps and Ramps

Carport patio
storage wall, movable planter
a caption haiku

Carport Patio: Eric Milner Designs

Carport Patio: Eric Milner Designs

Dad's Landscape Drawing

Eric Milner Designs: Zig-zag

Write your own Haiku here.

15 thoughts on “Daddy’s Designs, Daughter’s Haiku

    • Barbara, thank you so much for your kind words and understanding. You, too, are a reflection of you dad and his artistic talents.

      I’ve only occasionally allowed myself the luxury of wondering what it might have been like if he’d lived a longer life. I’m so lucky to have the memories I do, and these wonderful drawings of his as well. xox


  1. How wonderful that you have these Alys – what a beautiful homage they would make framed and hung together on a wall. Your dad was obviously a talented man with a love of plants – what a special person he must have been! I especially love the pond plan, where he shows how to take the grass right to the edge and makes a ‘shelf’ for the shallow water plants. I wonder if this design was ever built. Whilst it was tragic for your family that he passed so soon after your arrival in California, I can see how his influence has not been lost and in so many ways he lives on in you. xoxo


    • Thank you, Pauline. I’m actually really excited about the possibilities of framing them. Isn’t it funny that it took me so long to think about that?

      I have wonderful memories of my dad in the years we had together. I wish I’d inherited his drawing abilities, but I certainly inherited his love of gardening. My mom once said that I handled plants exactly the way he did. Interesting what gets passed along. It’s a compliment I cherish.

      Thank you for being here. xox


  2. These art works are delightful, Alys. What a talented man you dad was. His designs could be made into gardens today. They have that lovely blend of structure and informality that is very modern. He even has an espaliered tree planted as a feature. Are you tempted to use some of his ideas in your own garden? That would be a lovely tribute to him too. I love the idea of framing them. And think about incorporating your haiku poems too.


  3. Hi cutie, back from my excursion to Starbucks and came to see your daddy’s wonderful art again. I was admiring it last night but too sleepy to make a message.

    It’s totally awesome that you have these. I really hope you will frame them one day so they make you smile when ever you see them throughout the day. Watercolours are my all time favourite medium. I collected a couple on our trip to Europe that I really love and of course our Watercolour of Buddy that you’ve seen and a new one for the guest room in the new house. I’ve always loved the translucent quality to them, and all the ‘white space’ typical of a watercolour -vs- oil or acrylic.

    Looks like your dad had a keen eye and steady hand for it too. The patio tiles are perfectly drawn in scale and perspective. I do love that pergola, wouldn’t it be nice covered in roses or grape vine or something similar? I see where you’ve gotten your eye and talent for detail and organization too. Wouldn’t it be awesome to replicate one of your dad’s inspirations in a yard? Maybe in your next home, if you ever find the need to relocate.

    Fathers day is a challenge isn’t it? I think of my dad so often, you’d think it’d just come and go like any other Sunday. Yet there’s always that little angst. Wishing I could have breakfast with dad or just sit in the yard and gab. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and do it anyways. Dad always was a great listener. Love you dearly xoxok


  4. I remember these too.Beautiful. I think the idea to frame them is wonderful! I can’t wait to see where you decide to hang them.

    I often wonder what life would have been like if he lived too. It’s only natural, I guess. I was so young when he passed, I have so few memories. He’s probably the reason I’m addicted to jigsaw puzzles! I used to love “helping” him with them when he came home from work. ;0)


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