Books from Down Under

Anne Lawson is a talented botanical artist and blogger living in Australia.  She says she is:

fascinated by natural objects like seed pods, shells and leaves. But most especially feathers. I pick them up, admire them, draw them. I have a cupboard full of feathers that are my inspiration. (Lucky that they are as light as a ………!)

Lucky for me, Anne is also a lover of books with a generous heart. Anne mailed two beautifully illustrated children’s classics with the inscription “All the way from Australia” for our Little Free Library.

Possum Magic by Mem Fox

Possum Magic by Mem Fox

Possum Magic by Mem Fox happens to be one of my favorites. Ironically, we once owned an autographed copy when we met the author at a children’s bookstore. We gave our copy to a friend when my boys outgrew it. I’m delighted to add a new copy to the library.

I’m not familiar with the second book, To the Top End: Our Trip to Australia.The illustrations are fabulous, so I’m excited to dive in. I’ll enjoy reading it a few times before it makes its way to the curb. Children’s literature holds a special place in my heart.

To the Top End: Our Trip Across AustraliaDSC_0016

To the Top End: Our Trip Across Australia

Anne also sent several of her hand drawn and painted book marks. Aren’t they fun?

Anne Lawson bookmarks

Anne Lawson Design bookmarks

Thank you Anne, for your lovely gifts.

If you’re not already following along, you can read her blog and see her botanical art at Anne Lawson. Check our her Etsy shop too at Anne4bags.

little free library geo map

Little Free Library books from around the world

18 thoughts on “Books from Down Under

  1. Delightful illustrations on the covers. How nice of Anne 😀 I love that they’re Australian inspired too. Have you caught the Zentangle bug yet Alys? I see Anne has and I love the bookmarks she’s sent. I started a Pinterest board a bit ago and actually collected some pages that can be printed and coloured. I thought they’d be fun to watercolour (as Anne has on hers).

    I have so many things I want to do craft wise. I can’t wait to organize my own space. I was looking at the material I bought in Hawaii a couple of days ago and thought, “oh no, I better not get on to that right now.” LOL. I just spent the last two full days redoing my June Challenge page for Urban Scrapbooking and have a back up of things I want to work on but now I really, really must start packing. June 6th is around the corner 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would be beside myself with excitement if I was you – just salivating and drooling at the thought of creating my own purpose built craft room ……… Sqee’s of delight and excitement!!
      I can’t wait to see what you do with your new home – the whole thing – but especially your Boom Room 🙂

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    • Wow…June 6th really is around the corner now. Just a few more days. I’m so excited for you. You must be on a cloud.

      What a bummer about your June challenge page. I would have been so bummed to have to start over. You’re a champ.

      I don’t know what Zentangle’s are, so I must go investigate. Thanks for the tip.

      I agree, having the Australian themed books is wonderful. I have the most amazing, international library around.

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  2. Those books look delightful. I too, love children’s books. I have boxes of them in the garage, not unpacked in 4 years. I bought them for all of my husbands grand children when they came to visit but they are kids no more. So when I get settled, they shall be unpacked finally and re-evaluated as to where they go next. It’s time to let go of what might have been. I’ll have to check out Anne’s blog. I wish you could read the book to us and let us see the pictures. I’m really just a kid in an old lady body.;)


  3. Awww, thank you Alys. Can you see me blushing? I was only too happy to hep out your Little Free Library — anything to help foster reading. It is your generosity that has begun it all. So many of the books have come such a long way to be in your Library. How is it going? Do you have a good turn over of users? Did the article appear in your local paper?

    Mem Fox, loved Australian author of “Possum Magic”, is a very engaging person. She is a fabulous story teller and there must be YouTube videos of her reading “Possum magic”.


    • Anne, your package, those books and your charming book marks were the highlight of my day. Just lovely!

      We had great turnover of books. I don’t always see them come and go but they do. Isn’t that fun? The neighborhood schools are out this week, so it will be interesting to see what the summer ‘traffic’ is like, too.

      The newspaper article comes out June 20th, about two weeks from now. I’ll be sure to share it when it does.

      We were treated to a reading of “Possum Magic’ at a local children’s bookstore. I think she may know the owner. She is indeed a wonderfully engaging reader. I love all this serendipity.


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