In a Vase on Monday

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden  posts a photo of a vase of flowers each Monday.  She includes flowers from her garden, a prop of some sort, and a variety of vessels.  Fun, right?

I think it’s a lovely tradition. I  found her blog via another Cathy at Words and Herbs.  If you love flowers and the art of arranging, these blogs are a treat.

Gathering flowers in to posies or bouquets is a time-honored tradition. Nothing brightens a home like fresh flowers.  The first year I grew cosmos, I had elegant blooms for months.  I enjoyed arranging them in a variety of ways, finding it creative and relaxing.

Today’s flowers in a vase includes Daffodils and Mexican Bush Sage with a few fronds of fern.   Starting with four empty Tamarind jars, I arranged them in a square.  I held the jars together with a piece of lace, a gift from my dear friend and fellow blogger, Boomdee.  A strip of washi tape over the lace added texture.

Here is the result.

flowers in a vase on monday

Flowers in a vase on Monday



Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican Bush Sage (soft as velvet)

tamarind jars

Tamarind jars gathered together with lace and washi tape

You’re welcome to join in, with a link back to the original blogger.

Cathy Lyon-Green writes: “I had not intended to write a blog, but was talking to a friend about how, now I had more time, I wanted amongst other things to keep a better record of the garden and nurture its spiritual aspects, as well as writing poetry more often. She suggested I do it online as a blog, and Rambling in the Garden was born.”

Cathy of Words and Herbs writes: “I’m an English trainer originally from the UK, but now living (and gardening!) in Bavaria. Two of my greatest passions are plants and books, which is what I write about here. I also love cooking delicious vegetarian food, a feature here too, and like to live in tune with the seasons.”

I hope you’ll join in one Monday, too.

15 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

      • I also enjoyed listening to you Alys – it was special and lovely and fun!

        But now I have a confession to make regarding your name. When we started the others were referring to ‘Alice’ and I was thinking to myself – as you do – ‘Alice, who is Alice?’ For in my mind you are ‘Aleese’….. and so I was, for a minute or two, highly discombobulated!

        I had a friend many years ago who spelled like you and pronounced ‘A-leese’ so Alys pronounced Alice has just about done my head in 🙂

        Despite that, there you were being totally organised and problem solving like the super-gal you are. It was so wonderful to be quietly listening. I hope we will do it again soon xoxo


        • Pauline, how interesting. In most cases, people hear my name first and assume it’s spelled ‘Alice’. Others like you, see it and pronounce it in a variety of ways: aliss or alese. It’s the old, middle-English spelling of Alys before y’s were converted to i’s. I’m named after my British Aunt Alys, who died just a few years ago at the age of 95.

          Thank you for your continued presence here and for your always thoughtful comments and posts. xox


  1. You’re always creatively using your recyclables, and today it’s also pretty. I have a cupboard full of washed jars and things. I was just thinking the other day that I should recycle them before we move, but now I have a reason to pack them and take them with.

    The monochromatic adornment is totally my decorating style. I’ve not seen that Washi Tape with printed Dictionary on it yet, is that from ‘The Island’ Your Daffodils are sure lasting a long time. I must get some in the ground in the cal. Have you ever seen the ones that are white with pink centres? I’d like to look for those. Thanks for the shout out my dear friend! xoK


  2. Lovely arrangement of flowers! I can’t wait for fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table, heck…I can’t wait for Spring to get here already! That is such a cute idea to use washi tape to bind jars together. I only have two rolls of tape: one with pink stripes, and one that says caution. I wonder which one I should use? ❤


    • LOL! Definitely caution, especially if you can combine it with bright yellow flowers. Then again, pink stripes and tulips would be festive and bright.

      I hope spring is just around the corner. Your winter has gone on far too long. Thanks for the kudos.


  3. I need to bring flowers in to the house or office more than I do. They bring such joy and happy satisfaction.
    So fun to talk with you last night!!!


  4. I could have sworn I read and commented on this already. I remembered the washi tape and wondered what it was. Never heard of it before. I love it with the crocheted lace. Love the bright daffodils with the sage and ferns. Simple and elegant. How could I have missed this???


    • Marlene, that happens to me all the time, too. I don’t know if I compose the answer in my head and *think* I posted it, or if WP swallows it.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and catch up. I know you have a lot going on. That means a lot to me.


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