Little Free Library: Books and Maps

Exciting news this week.

First up, the Little Free Library has a new addition thanks to the lovely Julia at Defeat Despair.  She belongs to Paper Back Swap, a site for exchanging books. She ordered a copy of the beloved children’s book Charlotte’s Web and asked them to ship it here instead.

Charlotte's Web

Book Dedication

The book arrived over the weekend with a flood of memories.  My grade school teacher read it aloud to us after lunch each day, along with the other E.B. White classic, Stuart Little. Julia says:

I am excited about some family having access to this wonderful tale through your library. What a fun way to spread the joy of reading!

Thank you, Julia!

We’re on the Map

Our Little Free Library is on the official map.  It’s now searchable directly from the LFL site.  Here is a screen shot, complete with coordinates. What would the great explorers of the world think of that?

little free library screen capture

We’re on the map

I can’t tell you how happy I am when I see people stop and browse the library.  I surreptitiously watched twin girls pick out a book this weekend.  Monday I saw a pair of pre-teen girls drop off a few books. What joy.

In case you are new to this blog, or to the Little Free Library movement, you can catch up at the links below.

17 thoughts on “Little Free Library: Books and Maps

  1. It is so lovely to hear all is going well with your own Little Free Library – and Julia is most thoughtful to donate a book in that way – such a good idea! If it was me, I’m sure I’d be ‘curtain twitching’ all the time, watching everyone who came by – just to watch and enjoy the book searches and exchanges.


    • Curtain twitching…I love that. You have some really fun expressions. It will be really nice this summer when I’m outside so much more to chat up people stopping by.

      Thanks for your encouraging words. And yes, so thoughtful of her to think of sending a book in this way.


  2. Can I have your autograph? I am so glad to hear that you are on the map now and everyone can find your little library! You inspired me so much that I might be making my own free little library this summer! If I lived by you, I would definitely be checking out your collection of books on a daily basis!


  3. Alys, congratulations! I’ve been reading here and there about the LFLs and it’s all exciting. I love to read and have read more than anyone I know. Charlotte’s Web is still a favourite; my sons loved it, so I read it after them. Have to say, I’d be ‘curtain twitching’ too . . . ~ Linne


    • I’m loving how you all picked up on ‘curtain twitching.’ That is exactly what it is!

      I’m so glad you read Charlotte’s Web. Stuart Little is also fabulous. I read all of the Beverly Cleary books as a girl, then spent a summer reading them to my son. I miss that more than anything now that they’re teens. I loved reading to them.


  4. I always feel like clapping my hands after I’ve read your blog. Like a kid anticipating a new toy or a fun ride. Curtain twitching! I love it. I’m guilty too. As soon as it warms up and dries out a bit, I’ll wander through a few thrift stores again. All my children’s books are still in boxes. I buy them for myself.:) They are so pretty.


    • You are so cute! Thanks for that, MH.

      I love that you buy children’s books for yourself. They are among the best literature around. When my oldest son was just two, I would take him to our local Barnes and Noble one day a week for a story time. Gloria, the wonderful reader at the time, told me that new children’s fiction only had about a week in the store to survive. She said it was very competitive, and had to contend with all the classics we like to pass down to our own kids. I have no doubt.


  5. You know, I’ve never read Charlotte’s Web for myself but it was also read to me by a teacher. Mrs McQuarrie, Grade 3, read to us daily. I think it was her quiet time too 😀 I totally remember her sitting on a stool and reading this. I always sat up front because I was a keener, HA. Funny that I can remember that and not other things much later, weird. It must have made a big impression on me. So what a great pick Julia’s made and how nice to arrange delivery too.

    I imagine summer might be even busier because young readers have so much more time to indulge in the effort. I see by your map, Californians have gotten on board in a big way. How awesome to be part of a movement. I’m really proud of your commitment too. You had a plan, set it in action and followed thru. It’s a BIG deal and a very nice accomplishment Alys. Congratulations again xoK


    • I’ll be school children everywhere heard those words at the knee of a teacher. What a beloved book.

      It is funny what memories are so clear and vivid when others drift away.

      I hope the LFL is a bustling place this summer. That would be awesome. Yes, California is spreading the LFL love. I saw a couple in Edmonton, too. I imagine it is far trickier setting up a library in a place with long, cold, wet winters. My hat is off to people. I have seen some that are under shelters, alcoves, etc. That makes good sense.

      Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I appreciate you to the moon and back. xox


  6. I can’t believe we haven’t been by to see you and stop at your LFL-cannot believe how busy we have been! Still gathering books to donate and maybe Brooklyn and I will come by next week while Blythe is away (and she is on break)
    Love Charlotte’s Web -it is one of the only two books I managed to hang onto from my childhood-when we moved from New York to California my Mother did a huge purge and all of my stuff got handed off to cousins and other family members so we wouldn’t move as much stuff. XOXO


    • Hi Betsy,

      I know you have a million things going on, and now B. is in DC!. Lucky girl. M. refused to go. I just can’t fathom that. I would have loved to have the opportunity for that trip in my youth. We never could have afforded it. Oh well.

      How sweet that you could keep a few books. I only have two or three as well: two books from my grandfather, and one from my mom when I was 10. Precious! xox


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