Love Shack

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love shack

♫ ♪Love Shack, that’s where it’s at) ♫

It’s my desk-top, love shack.  I’ve been smiling and humming the song all week.

The lovely fairies on Quinto Way left a tiny treasure on my doorstep last October. It sat on my desk for a while before I knocked it to the floor and broke it. [Insert sad face here].

Thankfully it was a clean break. Mike used his magic glue and now the mushroom looks as good as new.  Today it stars in the Love Shack debut. Isn’t it adorable? Those Quinto Way fairies are the best.

fairy card

This sweet card came with the pink mushroom

Build it and They Will Come

I started with an old eyeglass case. I lined the inside with bits of leftover crafting grass and moss then added a tiny silver mirror.  The mushroom rests on a wooden block once intended for a rubber stamp. It needed some extra height.

I cozied up the place with a shiny red heart from my friend Bunny. A piece of coral adds interest.  The coral has been showing up in various places around the house for years, but no one knows where it came from. Perhaps a fairy left it on her journey.

The X.O.X.O banner was a gift last year from the crafty goddess of goodness at Boomdeeada.  It too travels around the house and brings cheer wherever it goes.

Love Shack Collage

Love Shack Collage

Quality control, aka  Mouse the ‘neighbor’s kitty’ did an up-close inspection. All systems go.

I love the B-52’s and enjoyed seeing them in concert many years ago. I hope you enjoy this upbeat, nostalgic video performance as much as I do. ♥

11 thoughts on “Love Shack

  1. Well WHAT kind of magical fairy dust was sprinkled on your brain to use an eye-glass case? How unexpected and totally magical. Of course fairies (or even mice) would want to snafu something just laying about and use it. I’m sure fairies would prefer to wave a wand and just zap it over to the garden. I see they have a tiny mirror to check out their sparkly hair before flying out to delight the neighbours. What a nice thing to do 😀 The pink mushroom is adorable.

    What a riot that video is, I could totally see us bombing around in it and of course the colour is so vintage and so me! “La Shack de amour”, how cute. xoK


    • That car, that shack, that song. We were born a few years too early, weren’t we?

      I’m so glad you got a kick out of the eyeglass case. Who knows what comes over me. It sure was fun though.

      I love that mushroom and it’s tiny neighbor. Cute little ladybug on top, too makes it extra special.

      Your banner makes me happy whenever is see it. xox Off to the garden center…wish you could come with.


  2. Well, That was a fun visit. I’m glad you showed all the details so I could see what it was. Eyeglass cases usually sit around going to waste. I loved the mushroom and details. But I must admit, I’ve never heard that song before. I think I missed the 60’s and 70’s. I feel cheered enough now to go do a bit of sewing. I’ll be singing the love shack for hours.:)


    • Yeah! Another Love Shack convert. It is so upbeat and fun. I also read that that little shack in the video belonged to one of the singer/composers. She wrote the song Rock Lobster there. I love this sort of trivia. I’m not sure why.

      Yes…eyeglass cases multiple and eyeglasses subtract…or break. Honestly, their are days you would never know I was in my mid-fifties. It’s like I’m playing with my dolls all over again. I was never into playing house so much as making a house, decorating it, moving it, tweaking it. You get the drill.

      Thanks for your always gracious comments, MH.


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