Season’s Greetings

fluffy under the tree

Fluffy under the tree, 2011

My friends in New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere are already celebrating Christmas so I’m putting my well wishes here mid-day so I can split the difference.

If you’re celebrating now then you’re not reading this anyway, but you’ll know that I’m thinking of you.  If you celebrate tonight or tomorrow, wishing you lots of good cheer.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, wishing you a wonderful Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanks for following along.  Your presence here is  a gift of joy.

Merry Christmas!

17 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Awwww, well Fluffy certainly did live up to the name, how sweet to sleep sitting under the tree. Both Ginger and Paco loved it under the tree. The tree skirt was always a cat hair filled mess on the clean up. I saw a Facebook photo this week that had a black cat on the very a sphere…LOL I don’t know how kitty came down, I’m sure it was a scene 😀

    I just read Pauline’s message about Christmas being done and it just then hit me that I should have sent her wishes yesterday. It’s so unique to have summer at Christmas. I suppose they would think my weather much the same, all be it extreme. I would just love to live by the ocean, maybe in our retirement 😉 Our guys won’t know what hit them, hehe.

    I can’t wait to start planning our next get together! A new year and new adventures await. xoxo Merry Christmas Alys! xo K


    • I love Teddy and Tottie’s photos of her kitties under the trees, too.

      I have so many cute pics of Fluffy under the tree. She made it to 17, sweet thing. She was one of a litter of three not being cared for by an unthinking neighbor. I adopted ‘the fluffy one’ and she became Fluffy. We found a home from the mother and Patches after getting them spayed. I regret not capturing the orange cat. He was the last of the four before I moved away (got married)!

      It is unique having summer at Christmas. I wouldn’t mind trying that one year.



  2. As Christmas Day winds down and the girls watch the 50th anniversary show of Dr Who [saved and drooled over for just this moment apparently] I have the opportunity to catch up on all my blog posts and am having a wonderful time leaving little notes here and there and getting a real feeling for what is going on around the blogging world. Thank you for your thoughts of us who do it here earlier than you and in the entirely wrong season – although that has gone to pot too with a cold blast coming through that has put us off using the Outdoor Entertainment Space at all – but we were not daunted and had a wonderful day around the indoor tree instead!

    Have a happy and blessed Christmas time with your family and friends Alys and thank you for being here – it is such a wonderful thing this ‘getting to know you’! 🙂


    • Sorry to hear about the cold blast, especially after all that hard work with the OES. I’m glad you made the best of it. I loved seeing the photos of you with your daughters.

      It’s been wonderful getting to know you, too.


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