Retrospective: My Year of Squirrels

As the year winds down, I’ve decided to create a few retrospectives.

Without further ado I present: My Year of Squirrels

Sure, they can drive you nuts while they dig up your bulbs, but their cuteness more than makes up for it.

17 thoughts on “Retrospective: My Year of Squirrels

  1. Alys, how wonderful! The music you have chosen for this awesome video is perfect! Who is the musician? Nicely done with the photos and the video! I am impressed!!! Merry Christmas!!


  2. I know I just said I was getting to things over on Facebook (LOL) but I’m so glad I took a moment to see what you where up to here….AWESOME !

    I love, love, love all your squirrels in their very own video. Very well done Alys 😀 The cute captions just made me smile more with every one. “I’m working out”….how perfect! And “whisper, whisper”….Omgosh! It felt like a walk thru the most lush gallery ever. I could almost feel the soft breeze in my hair and the dabbled sun on my cheeks. I also enjoyed the melody! What was that called?

    Oh, now I’m ready to float off and do the rest of my wrapping. So cute, must share on FB xoxox! Love You!


    • LOL Thank you. I thought the squirrel looked like he was lifting weights with his short little arms (and needs to with his round, white belly, a perfect match for my own).

      Thanks for your generous compliments. You’re the video star. I love all the creative things you dream up and share with us all. xo


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