Coming Full Circle and a Blogger Surprise

Party girl, 1920's style

Party girl, 1920’s style

Boy am I tuckered out!  We attended two Halloween parties this past weekend, our own kid-friendly party and another one hosted for adults. Great fun.

I finished my Halloween costume Friday night, but for a few hand-stitches the next morning. Talk about cutting it close.  Party guests arrived here at 1:00 pm Saturday.  Nothing like a little pressure to keep your energy up and your adrenaline pumping.

We host a Halloween party every year for our boys.  We invite adults, too, but the focus is on the younger ones.

Later that night we attended an adults-only party, just a couple of houses away.  It was fun wearing my ‘party dress’ all day.  It’s not often you get to wear pink shoes, false eyelashes and a petticoat.

Many moons ago I attended San Jose State’s Theater Arts program.  Everyone studied a little of everything including acting, literature, backstage work and technical theater, but costumes are my first love.

Coming Full Circle

The inspiration for this year’s costume came from my dear friend Boomdee.  When she visited here in May, she brought me a beautiful hand-made easel decorated with lace paper, ribbons and bows along with tiny hearts and roses.  Featured on the easel: a lovely dancer from the 1920’s, dressed in soft pinks.  She chose the paper with my theater background as inspiration.  Now it’s both art and costume.

costume and muse

My costume muse

cottage craft flowers

I found these flowers at Cottage Craft

Lindy on the petticoat

Lindy is rethinking her costume…or simply keeping my petticoat warm.

Blogger Surprise

As if back-to-back parties weren’t enough excitement, an amazing treat arrived in the mail from Catja at Gjeometry.  Her tag line says it all: It’s in the Lines……hem, seam, stitching, grain, style.  I made it on to her Craft-it-Forward list earlier in the year.  She blew me away!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the full reveal.  Meanwhile, Catja, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Halloween Countdown:

mini pumpkin patch

My son set up our ‘pumpkin patch’. Individual pumpkin creativity ensued

20 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle and a Blogger Surprise

  1. ((( Alys ))) My sweet friend, you looked absolutely stunning in your scrapbook inspired creation. I think I’m still stunned that you sewed that in less than a week. This is a skill I would love to hone. Somehow you found the perfect items to emulate the Art Easel and like those little fairies in Cinderella, sprinkled your charm on it from head to toe. I’m really so touched that you would endeavour to capture a gift in your very special way and now it’s a gift back to me. mwaaa to infinity.

    How exciting to get your Craft It Forward from Gatja (I always call her Gj). I enjoy her posts a lot and always find her so darn charming and witty. I secretly want to steal all her shoes too 😀 I think she’s such a fab seamstress and love the patterns she picks and fabrics too. Kitty is a real treat and I always look forward to what they’re up to next….such fun, I can’t wait to see your gift!

    I wish we could jump on our private plan and zoom around to see all our WordPress gals, here there and everywhere, or just stop to pick them up and spend a couple of weeks together in Paris…it’s fun to have dreams, no matter how big. xoxoxo Love and hugs xK/P/B


    • (((Boomdee))) Thank you, thank you. I’m really tickled that this all came together. It was a lot of fun planning it, shopping for the pieces (each one a little victory) and then putting it all together. I wish you could have been here to celebrate. You’re an official member of the wig club now.

      Catja is a doll! I love her kitty posts, too. She has such flare and poise. Did you know she lives in Canada? All this time I thought she lived in Europe.

      Yes to a week in Paris with all our blogging friends. Some cruise liner needs to get on the ball and offer blogging cruises across Europe.

      Dreams are good! xox


      • I also thought Catja lived in Europe…ha. I wonder how I got that in my head? Weeeee, Blogging cruises. Jim would be slightly annoyed since I’ve refused to go on a cruise whenever he suggests it. I just don’t think I’d like it. Food, bars, casino’s, sitting around, more food, stop at port with 3,000 others and finally, more food. I do think a bus trip across Europe with all the gals would be totally fun though 😀 Sign me up xox


  2. My – such fun seems to be had by all……… you look so lovely in your costume Alys – I think that might just be the first non-scary/bloodthirsty Halloween costume I’ve ever seen – but then I live a very sheltered life 🙂 Take a deep breath now for the run up to Christmas …..


    • Taking a deep breath….in….out….in….out.

      Thanks, Pauline. Some might think a 54 year old woman in a pink party dress was scary, but I’m glad to hear that you aren’t one of them. ;_o I had great fun.



  3. A new twist for sure, when the scrapbook paper inspires a costume….often the scrapbook paper inspires the photographs….now, will your scrapbook page for this event include a photo of the beautiful easel from Boomdeda? Tuning in tomorrow to see the “reveal”.


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Marlene. You’re an amazing stitcher yourself so that is high praise.

      The pattern was more complex than I really had time for (eight panels, seven godets and a half lining) but somehow I pulled it off.

      Thanks for your Halloween wishes. All the best to you, too.


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