Frank and the Squirrels Who Loved Him

That sounds like a dime-store romance doesn’t it?

In this story we have no tragic heroine, just a sad pumpkin named Frank unable to live up to his potential after a careless gardener tossed him willy-nilly on to the walkway.  Poor, poor, Frank.

There are no villains either, simply opportunistic squirrels passionate about (eating) pumpkins.

After Frank went splitsville, even a hardy set of staples couldn’t keep him together for long.  The elements took their toll.  Frank flat-lined. It was time to remove the staples.

pumpkin with staples

Frank’s demise

After counting to three, I reached down and scooped up a mass of soggy pumpkin pulp and a handful of white seeds.  The rest was up to the squirrels.  They came and went for two days, but I never had my camera ready.  The stars finally aligned and I took a handful of photos, below.

squirrel eating pumpkin pulp

Passionate about pumpkin

squirrel jumping

Flying squirrel

dark squirrel eating pumpkin

Table manners

grey squirrel eating pumpkin

Plenty to go around


12 thoughts on “Frank and the Squirrels Who Loved Him

  1. Well, despite their peskiness, those squirrels are just so cute …… and I am glad to see that poor Frank ended up [partially] in their tums. Frank brought us joy for a few happy moments in time, now he helps fuel a squirrel or two in their foraging cuteness – the cycle of life and all that 🙂


  2. Oh geez, those squirrels are livin’ la vida loca in Casa Frankville. We don’t have black ones here, he’s like a super hero jumping around. Great camera work Alys!

    I’m glad they enjoyed the spoils, at least it wasn’t a total wash. You got to be creative, we got to enjoy a giggle and those cute squirrels got a treat. Just all in a days work in ‘Alys’s Wonder Garden’ RIP Frank


  3. So long, Frank! Glad I got to know ya!
    He may not have been pretty, but he sure got a lot of well deserved attention 🙂
    What kind of squirrel is that? I’ve not seen a black one before (at least not in my neck of the woods)


  4. I must join the crowd on the black squirrel query. I’ve lived many places and have never sighted one. As for this post, I must ask, when are you going to put this stuff in a book? You are hilarious and the rest of the world does not know what they are missing. I come here just to get my funny bone tickled and you always delight. Just a wonderful picture book with those anecdotes would have to be a best seller. Thanks for making my day brighter.


    • Oh Marlene, how you spoil me with your generous comments. Thank you for thinking I could collect these in a book. Mwaaaaa!!!!

      I’m delighted that you laugh at these posts. That makes my day! To think I brighten your day is golden. Thanks for stopping by, for commenting, and for your incredible support. xox


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