Fairy Garden Treasure

DSC_0059 Look what arrived in my mailbox last week?  Isn’t it a treasure?  It flew all the way from Edmonton, Canada via the effervescent Boomdee of Boomdeeada.  I love it!

The cover features a one-dimensional cut-out of the 3D version, above.  Once open, you’re treated to this.  I love fairy gardening, so my mind has been spinning ever since this arrived.  I carried my  Boomdee card around the garden today and snapped a few shots.

squirrel in the pine tree

What are you doing down there?


fairy pop-up card

Fairies and birds at the fountain

and here.

kissing fairies

Kissing near the roses

I’m planning on color-copying the front of the card, but reducing it in size.  Then I’ll figure a way to use the miniaturized copy in the fairy garden.  I’ll be tickled pink, and I know that Jazzy’s day care kids will too. I wonder what the fairies will think?

Do you know what I think?  I’m the luckiest gardener in the world.  ♥♥♥

Have you discovered the joy of fairy gardening?

12 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Treasure

  1. Oh look! You are a doll to show off your card on Gardening Nirvana 😀 I wish I knew how he did them. I wanted to ask him a few questions but his table was surrounded by admirers. Why O’ why I didn’t have my camera with me is a conundrum to be sure. Silly ‘effervescent’ Boomdee, hehe, I feel so bubbly when I’m with you.

    Mr Squirrel is so darn cute, I just love how the sun is illuminating his whiskers and fluffiness. The funny thing is, that’s no doubt what he would be saying. HA, “what are you doing down there?”…tres adorable.


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