Tomato Envy

peppers and tomatoes

Amy’s bounty

You can’t rush the garden.  Not even when you have a case of tomato envy.

You can encourage it, yes.  Lots of support…of course.  But rushed, never.

I planted several heirloom tomatoes this year, but they had a hard time making a go of it.  I bought a few starter plants to fill in, just in case, which in the end was a good idea.  I’m not sure any of the seeds were viable.

The plants from the nursery are green and healthy and starting to bend from the weight.  I scooted the rolling tomato garden to the back of the patio so I can keep an eye on them.  They’re drying out faster now that the plants have taken flight.

City Picker with tomato plants

City Picker with tomato plants

Any day now…

Meanwhile, I received these lovely tomatoes from Amy’s garden. You’ll hear more about Amy in a future post.  Mike paired the tomatoes with basil from our garden and made a delicious caprese salad.  It’s one of my favorites and a sure sign that we’re in the heart of summer.

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

8 thoughts on “Tomato Envy

  1. Yummy, that’s my favourite salad. The best one I’ve ever had is at the Lahaina Grill in Maui. It was our favourite place to eat. How fab to have your own Basil to use too, I put Basil in almost everything I cook. I love the aroma. Mike sure knows his way around the kitchen, his presentation is perfect (hi Mike).
    I didn’t tell you, but we were scheduled to see a home yesterday that had a great yard, unfortunately they accepted an offer late Monday. I was crushed. I thought I’d just surprise people because I really loved that house. It was a long weekend here and Jim was away. So back to the listings I go.
    Your plants look super ready to burst! What a nice gift to bring, look at the size of those peppers, WOW. The farmers market was full of gorgeous produce this weekend too. Plus, our driveway is full of golden leaves that have fallen off the trees……seems way way too early. Don’t know what’s up or what it means but I’ll take some photo’s. Have a fab day Cali-girl! xo K


    • I’m so sorry on your behalf about the house. I haven’t wanted to ask,as I know the market has been quite discouraging. What a bummer. Your market is a tough one. Gosh, I wish something would open up. You are past due for that perfect house to make a home. Holding good thoughts, always.

      Ohhh, Maui. Sounds fab. I haven’t been in many years but still remember it fondly. You’re sure to have a great time in store.

      As for the fall leaves on your driveway, funny thing: it felt like all here today too. The temps are cooler, we had a breeze by late afternoon and event he smells. But the calender says early August! What is going on with our lovely earth?

      You are right about those vegies. A lovely gift indeed. She gave me a few succulent cuttings as well. Garden bounty. The best.

      Thanks for your visit. It’s always a treat.


  2. YUM!!! I take basil, tomato, mozarella, and olive oil to lunch every single day of the summer (almost). I confess to being a basil addict!! I have to rely on gift tomatoes though… Someday soon you won’t have to rely on Amy’s 🙂


    • Oh what a wonderful lunch! I love that combination of flavors. It’s such a sweet, satisfying meal.

      My tomatoes are finally rounding the corner. The Romas are reddish orange and the heirlooms are green but full sized. Even the orange cherry tomatoes are starting to fruit. Oh yum!

      Thanks, LB


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