Kitty in Search of a Play Date

Our three kitties love the time we spend in the garden. One by one they join us outdoors.  We installed a cat fence-in system over 16 years ago to keep them safe, so they have the run of the garden without the dangers of street-life. It’s been the best of both worlds.

lindy in the grass

Lindy in repose

When we first installed the system, we monitored carefully for possible escape routes.  Our fab felines quickly settled in and we let out a collective sigh.

Beijing in the grass

Beijing enjoying her solitude

Then…Mighty Mouse came along. Mouse belongs to a neighbor, but he prefers life at our place. He’s also the Harry Houdini of the cat world.  He knows the ins and outs of our house and garden, and makes himself at home wherever his little paws carry him.  Mouse navigates his way into our yard by crossing the neighbors gate along the top of the shared fence. From there he weaves through the Jasmin vine, over the netting and across one of the broken standards we keep meaning to fix.

This weekend he joined us in search of a play date.

mouse under the orange tree

Mouse looking up

bird on the fence

Our furry friend listened to the birds rustling in the orange tree for a while, but lost interest when Lindy came outside.  He circled her for a game of patty-cake, but she was not amused.  Her bent ears sent a clear message of annoyance.  Mouse wised up and moved on.

Mouse and Lindy play

Fun and games

Next up, he tried to engage Beijing.  She was busy snoozing, pressed against the warm rock wall, when Mouse slyly meandered nearby.  He inched closer and closer, sitting down each time in the dirt.  Before he could dangle an inquisitive paw, Beijing stood up, braced her shoulders and vocalized her first warning.  Unperturbed, he held the higher ground.  ‘I have no time for this nonsense,’ she seemed to say, as she turned her back and returned inside in what I can only imagine was disgust.  I found her sphinx like in the entry way, wondering when the intruder would be heading home.

Mouse and Beijing play

Let’s play!!!

Beijing stalks

“I’ve had it!”

Slinky avoided Mouse altogether, staying hidden in the side yard till the coast was clear.

I think it might be time to place an ad in the personals: Handsome young kitty, in search of a play date.

Do they have eHarmony for cats?

8 thoughts on “Kitty in Search of a Play Date

  1. This is the best way to start my day. In your garden with all the kitties. The only solution for meandering Mighty Mouse is to climb up on you….”come on Alys, let’s play !” 😀 You’ve captured your kitty antics so perfectly in photo’s and words my dear. I totally got the picture when you wrote, “before he could dangle and inquisitive paw….”. Love those words. I’m really amazed that they all tolerate Mouse to the extent that they do. Blossum makes horrible growling noises when another cat just comes in view. That cat is a real character. I wonder what he’s up to when he’s not in your yard? He’s like Neuman in Seinfeld, LOL (if you watched). It’s a shame he’s so shy ;o)


  2. Poor Mouse, he just wants a friend – Orlando knows how he feels. Next door has three cats, they all sit together on the roof of my carport in the sun. Orlando sits up tall and straight and gazes into the far distance. He blinks long and slow, but they give him no encouragement. Their backs are turned and he waits so patiently to be allowed in, but no, they are enough for each other and require no more. Thank you! He returns to me, a little dejected, he warbles a sad warble ………. I must get him a friend!


    • Hi Pauline!

      He does want a friend. I would say ‘poor thing’ but he gets so much attention that I think he’ll be fine.

      What an interesting Orlando story! I think indoor cats do benefit from a friend to help stave off boredom, but finding that right one can be tricky. Best of luck


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