A Room with a View

 kitchen window

Kitchen Window: Before and after

The best part of my kitchen is the view. Sure the counter tops are nice and who doesn’t like a dishwasher, but the view out my front window makes the room.

When we remodeled nine years ago, the contractor suggested lowering the window to the height of the counters. Who knew that dropping it just a few inches could make such a difference?  The lowered window invites the outdoors in. I have a direct view of the Chinese Pistache, a lovely tree that sheds leaves each fall. It’s one of those trees that’s gorgeous year round, though particularly stunning in the early autumn months.

Pistache in the Fall

Pistache in the Fall

Improving on my view, I added a small, triangular flower garden in the corner of the lawn. I knew the flowers would lift my spirits, but didn’t realize the number of birds it would attract.  What a treat to hear them singing in nearby trees, then watching them swoop down for seeds.

flower garden

Flowers near the lawn

Rounding out my extraordinary view are the hummingbirds that visit throughout the day. I found a feeder that suction-cups to the window, and placed it high enough to keep them safe from predators, but low enough for maximum viewing. We worried they would stop coming when we hung the awning in the spring, but they were back within minutes, swooping under the awning for a quick meal. I’ve been known to swoop in for a sugary treat myself, so I should have had more faith.

hummingbird feeder collage

Picture me on the other side of the glass smiling at this little hummingbird.

Do you have a favorite room with a view?

10 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. You’re on fire Alys, I just read one lovely post and bam! LOL, honest I’m not stocking you, I just enjoy every single visit so much, I come here first whenever I sign on.

    Well, what a clever suggestion by your contractor. We’re in our kitchens far more than many other rooms, why not have a view. Karen had a garden window installed when they reno’d their kitchen and has all kinds of plants and gift ware set in there, so cute.

    I can totally picture you on the other side of the window, a tousle of red hair, maybe even a twig in there from a garden project and all your furry babies sitting at your feet and pure joy on your pretty face at the sweet creature you kindly and unfailingly provide for. Mwwwaaaa!


    • Thanks, Pauline. They are trusting after all these years of feeding at both the feeders and the flowers. If I’m quiet and mostly still, I can get a few good shots as they flit in and out.

      Did you know that they are the only bird that can fly both forward and backward? Pretty cool.


  2. I have always wanted a garden window in a kitchen. My last window was so high, I had to tiptoe to see the treetops. The builders wife was several inches shorter than me so she must not have ever been able to see out. You do indeed have a fantastic view. After all your hard work, you have every right to enjoy it. Love the hummers.


    • Isn’t that funny? I’m often amused (and annoyed, too) at the careless placement of windows and doors in a living space. We’ve been adding them to our homes for thousands of years. You would think we would have that nailed down. LOL.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the hummers. They bring us hours of enjoyment.


  3. I love your view!! Such gorgeous colors! Very smart of you to design your home/garden to maximize this simple pleasure of watching nature. Fabulous photos you’ve produced, as always! I also enjoy the view from my kitchen window! When we remodeled our kitchen, we replaced a standard window with a bay window that has a bench seat (appreciated most by the cats). When I sit at our kitchen table, which is where I do all my computer work, I’m treated to an ongoing and fascinating display of bird activity. From my vantage point, I can watch the action on our three large hummingbird feeders — and it’s not just hummingbirds who are attracted to them. The mornings are especially busy and tuneful. I’ve learned to identify various songs, and I can tell by the sounds which birds are visiting before I even look up from my monitor. I’ve been fortunate enough to be treated to the sight of birds gathering materials, building nests, tending to their young. A special delight is when I get to watch a little bird gleefully splashing around in our birdbath. I never tire of the view, and I’m always grateful when our cats decide to enjoy it with me.

    Our jungle-like landscaping gives us the illusion of privacy and seclusion, even though in our zero lot-line suburban community, our neighbors are just over the common wall that divides our yards. In the afternoons, our waterfall adds another layer of pleasant sound, accompanying the birdsong in a most enchanting way. Dusk is also especially busy at the feeders, as everyone gets their last fill before roosting for the night.

    On a serious note regarding our kitchen window, we’ve applied special decals which are barely visible to us, but highly visible to birds, to alert them to the fact that there is a solid barrier in their flight path. There’s hardly anything more disturbing than to hear the thud of a bird crashing into the glass, or sadder than finding a dead little bird, fallen onto the patio. The WindowAlert decals should spare us from this tragedy.

    Thank you for sharing your view from your kitchen window! Now, rest assured that I’ll often be thinking of you as I look out mine, wondering if perhaps we might be doing the same thing at the same time! 🙂


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