Coleus Splendiferous

Potted coleus

Potted coleus

Our splashy coleus greets our guests as they cross the deck to our front door. Aren’t the colors amazing? This fast-growing plant seems to double in size, minutes after the summer heat descends.  Small purple flowers appeared last week, but they almost seem beside the point.  The true beauty of this plant is the leaves.  I have three varieties growing on the deck, but this is my favorite.

coleus flowers

Spikes of purple flowers

I grew two coleus last year, then tried, unsuccessfully, to keep them alive through the winter. I wrapped then in frost cloth, kept the watering going, but alas one hard frost and that’s all she wrote.

coleus leaves

Apparently it’s tasty too.

This year I’m ready.  I’ll take cuttings instead.  I have rooting compound for the occasion, along with a lightweight planting medium.  I even have my eye on a small, portable green house, so that I don’t have to use the always-busy kitchen for my growing pursuits.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my colorful deck.

Do you have a summer favorite?

coleus closeup

Stunning colors


13 thoughts on “Coleus Splendiferous

  1. That is splendiferous! I’ve never had luck with coleus in a pot. My parents up north have all kinds of coleus and it spreads and flowers like wildfire. But, when I bring some back in a pot… 😦


  2. That ones going like gangbusters. One of the most popular coleus at the garden centre I used to work at was a bronze one. They always sold out first. They’re almost a peachy colour with brownish/bronze veining. Here’s a picture at Proven Winners

    I had fun at their site looking thru their on-line idea books, I clearly should be more adventurous LOL

    It’s interesting to hear you also lose plants to frost. Surprisingly, one year when we got a really early frost, all my snap dragons survived. They seem to be super durable. I wonder if they’d even be perennial in your garden? Have a wonderful day my dear.


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