Here’s the Dirt

bachelor button purple

Purple Bachelor Button

I finally got to the bottom of my Planter Box Failure.  In a word, Topsoil.  All dirt is not created equal.

I ordered planting mix from a local supplier, but they delivered topsoil instead.  The otherwise healthy plants weren’t thriving and I couldn’t figure out why.  In the end, it comes down to the basics: sun, water, soil. The soil delivered was far too heavy and ill-suited for my needs.

The supplier offered a refund, but they can’t or won’t pick up the unwanted dirt.

Freecycle to the Rescue!

One of my readers suggested I offer the soil on Freecycle.  I posted the offer last night and woke up to half a dozen emails.  Wow!

The soil is going to one or two good homes and the emptied planter box will soon be mine.  It’s late in the season to start over, but I’m going to plant a bag of flowers seeds I have on hand and see what grows.

Meanwhile, I had to scramble to transplant the surviving plants.  I filled in some bare spots in the triangle at the corner of the lawn.  I pulled four spent sunflowers which gave me room to transplant the status.  I transplanted snapdragons and several cosmos that were struggling to establish.  The roots of the plants hadn’t spread at all.  They’ll do so much better now in their new fertile soil.  The one plant that seemed to be taking hold in the box was the chocolate mint.  Each plant sent out foot long runners beneath the soil and were really taking hold.  The mint will go back into the new and improved planter box, but for now they’re resting in a few plastic pots along the walkway wall.

What seemed daunting last week now feels like an adventure.  I love planting, so enjoyed ‘rearranging’ the plants.  I’m happy the mint is doing well and can replant accordingly.  Most of all, it feels great to find a home for all that dirt.

planter reversal

Time to transplant; Mighty Mouse assists

back to basics

Back to Basics: Ready for pick-up

Merging Flowers

Merging Flowers: Cosmos, Status, Bachelor Buttons, Sunflowers, Snapdragons and Forget-me-nots

15 thoughts on “Here’s the Dirt

  1. WOW, you really work fast. I am amazed at what you accomplish in a short time. I know you’ve: been to Pilates, seen a movie, went out for italian, posted on blog, got M to camp, probably helped hubby get away on trip, Skyped me for 2 hours, visited with sister, emptied planter, transplanted garden, played with kitties, entertained Mouse and oh ya, you run a business. LOL, I’m not even considering 1/2 of it I’m sure. You are a force of nature my dear. No kidding, I need to make a list and get to it 😀


    • Oh my word, you are so good for my ego! Honestly, putting things on my calendar is key, not to mention time pressure. I knew I had to empty that garden bed pronto. I was ten minutes late for our vet appointment, and arrived with dirt smeared around my ankles as Iost track of time. With these hot days, I have to get out there early or skip it for the day.

      Mwaaa to you and to making lists, too. xox


  2. How disappointing! But there are things that you can plant now to catch up and also leave space for fall plantings. It’s just around the corner!


  3. I’m so glad that it worked out for you and that you were able to do some transplants as well as have a new canvas to play on!


  4. I am one of those lucky Freecyclers who received topsoil from Alys. Thank you, Alys, for the wonderful fun I had digging in your garden’s dirt. My yard loves you for it!!!


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