Summer Camp for Sunflower Seeds

They’re not really at summer camp but it looks that way, doesn’t it?

Flower House

Sunflower Camping

Keeping the sunflower seeds in the ground long enough to grow is an ongoing effort.  They’re simply irresistible to squirrels.  It took three tries last year.  I finally came up with a contraption made from small, sliding window screens locked on the planter boxes on the deck.

This year I wanted to plant seeds in a new corner plot so I needed more coverage.  I ordered a pair of pop-up tents, also know as mini-greenhouses, from a company called FlowerHouse. They’re staked in place, with rocks for added weight. They seem to be working. So far.

Mighty Mouse and green house

Mighty Mouse stands guard

I bought assorted flower and vegetable seeds last month at the garden show. They came in the prettiest packets. The corner plot, tucked up against the sidewalk, includes sunflowers, violas and forget-me-nots. The purple and yellow are a nice complement.

Garden show Seeds

Franchi Sementi S.p.A

I’m already seeing poppies blooming all over the neighborhood, so wish I had planted mine sooner. I added some new color this year, so it will be exciting to see what comes up.

Renee's Garden Cosmos and Poppies

Renee’s Garden Cosmos and Poppies

Pruned Lavender

I hard-pruned the lavender, making way for sunflowers and cosmos.

This bed is a diamond in the rough. Once the lavender comes back, along with cosmos and poppies, it’ll be gorgeous.

Cosmo seeds 2012

I scattered these throughout the garden. They were beautiful last year and a favorite with the birds.

I hard-pruned the lavender to remove the dead wood below, then tucked in a few seeds in the newly open space.  I had high hopes the critters wouldn’t notice. Silly gardener.  Of course they noticed.  So, I’ve put my proverbial eggs back into one basket, the tiny plot that reminds Boomdee of a camp site for squirrels.  Nooooooooo!!!

I'm on it!

I’m on it!

Smashing Good Time?

I had a smashing weekend, which is to say I smashed several fingers in the fire door leading to the garage. Heavier than usual winds blew all day. The draught created by the wind pulled the door closed faster than usual, smashing three of my fingers in the process. I went down on my knees, the pain was so intense, but I’m on the mend now and extra vigilant around that door until the winds subside. My dear friend C. stopped by with a card of well wishes and two comfy pairs of gardening gloves. Isn’t that the sweetest? Between finger-smashing and the news out of Boston, this thoughtful gift was a bright spot in my day.

Thank you

A sweet gift from a dear friend

Sending love and healing energy back out into the world.  Thanks for joining me on the journey.

13 thoughts on “Summer Camp for Sunflower Seeds

  1. I just realized we need to plant our cosmo seeds (gift from you) I guess I better track those down-we never plant anything because we have the worst soil on the planet and everything dies-can we put them in a pot? Hope your fingers are on the mend so you can get them in those beautiful gloves soon. Hugs!


    • Betsy, sorry to have missed this. Yes, by all means, plant them in a wide pot in a nice sunny location. They’re annuals, so the roots don’t grow very deep, but the plants will get to be four to five feet tall. Remember to keep the soil moist, but not too wet. They’re a forgiving plant.

      My fingers are on the mend. The worst one looks terrible but feels so much better. Thanks for asking.


  2. Mighty Mouse always puts a big smile on my face. I like the action shot. I hope I get to show him ‘The Love’. Camp Squirrel is well guarded with him around. Thanks for linking back to Boomtown too, mwaaaaa! The seed packs are almost to pretty to open aren’t they? I like the name ‘Dancing Petticoats’. They do look like they’re dancing in a breeze. Your lavender bed looks impeccable, I don’t see a single weed or blade of grass….I like mine like that too. I had a messy neighbour who used to scoff and say I went overboard, I’d just say “it’s what I do to relax”. Beautiful job Alys! I’m glad you’re on the mend, how thoughtful of ‘C’ and that’s a really nice sentiment on the card. You are LOVED!


    • Mighty Mouse is a character, to be sure. You two will have a nice visit together. 😉

      I love the seed packets, and looking back wished I had saved more of them. They would make interesting collage cards. I like ‘Dancing Petticoats’ as well. Clever little name.

      I’m with you on the weeds. I like clean, orderly, weed-free beds. Not only does it look nicer, but it accomplishes three things: one, untended weeds can easily over-run your garden. Left to grow, they seed and spread. Two, they just don’t look nice. Why plant something you want to grow, only to let it be over run by weeds? Three, the weeds compete for nutrients and water in the soil.

      It is relaxing! Welcome to the weed club.


  3. Here’s hoping your fingers will heal soon. What rotten luck! Gorgeous Mighty Mouse! What a cutie! You’ve inspired me to get out in my garden and get projects happening. Thinking of all our US friends. Xxx


    • Thanks for your kind words and well wishes. What an awful week this has been. I’m alternately glued to the news reports or avoiding it. So sad and senseless.

      Mighty Mouse is a cutey pie, with personality to match. he’s not officially ours, but he spends all his time here so I feel like the favorite aunty.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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