Blogging vs. Facebook

facebook snip 2013Do  you have a Facebook account? I have a handful of friends who are hold-outs, but the number of account holders globally is staggering.  Many of my readers land here as a result of Facebook. More and more though, other social platforms are sharing the love.

When I sit down to write Gardening Nirvana, I’m generally armed with photographs, possibly research and the seed of an idea.  Writing a blog every day is hard work, but it grows on you…just like gardening!

Some days my blog “writes itself,” but more often than not it takes work. While I’m busy procrastinating, I leave a window open with Facebook. You never know what might inspire you, right? WordPress is all business, offering editing prompts such as “Save Draft” or “Add Media.”  I’ve noticed lately that Facebook is much more touchy-feely:

facebook snip how are you feeling

How am I feeling?  Well…I made the mistake of reading a comment in my Spam Folder.  Honestly, I really ought to know better. Most of the “comments” are advertising ploys but this one had the sense of legitimacy.  Here’s what it said:

“The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesn’t disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought you’d have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you weren’t too busy looking for attention.”

My Facebook tribe set me straight while at the same time piling on the loveliest comments.  Most of my blog readers are the same. I’m feeling better with all that support. I’m also sorry for anyone with so much negativity in their heart.

facebook snip what's happening

Let’s see…well, the broccoli is looking really good.  It’s dark green, pest free and almost ready for harvest.  The cauliflower didn’t survive the frost, so I finally yanked it out and tossed it into the compost heap. I tried an orange from our tree today, but it wasn’t as sweet as I would like.  I’ll try again in another week.  I see a gallon of fresh-squeezed juice in my future.  Be sure to stop by for a glass.

One of the tulips is popping up between the potted cyclamen. I’d forgotten all about it.  Otherwise, is sure looks like winter out there.  Brown, cold, dry, repeat.  Not a drop of rain in sight, either.  [heavy sigh]

Note to self: I hope no one interprets that heavy sigh as whining.

Gardening Nirvana reader. What’s happening?  How are you feeling? I’m so glad you stopped by.

18 thoughts on “Blogging vs. Facebook

    • Hi Sheryl,

      Thanks so much for commenting. I did see that post and thank you for pointing it out. I think comments like that play into our worst fears and that is why we take it so hard. I’ve learned a lesson.


  1. How rude! I never understand why people feel the need to spread their unhappiness to others…oh, well, I suppose I should think good thoughts for the sad, unhappy attention seeker & move on. I love your blog and you!! Don’t let the turkeys get you down! I would love to come and visit but can’t drink any citrus juices 🙂


    • Hi Betsy,

      Thanks for your kind words and support. You can visit any time. Sorry about the citrus, though. My sister can’t drink it either.

      The tree is old and the flavor of the fruit uneven, so making it into juice works well.


  2. What a bully to leave such nonsense. Alys, don’t read those anymore, there’s a reason they’re dropped in SPAM. It’s probably been mailed out to thousands and I guarantee no one read your post. I’ve probably received it too, but I’ve never read a single one.. I just delete everything in there automatically. You are to kind, I don’t feel sorry for faceless bullies with nothing better going on and they don’t have a heart. They don’t care about anyone or anything except their own good time. I could scream that they’ve made you think even two seconds about it.

    Funny thing, I hadn’t even noticed the touchy/feely new Facebook, HA. Interesting why they would change gears. I can’t wait to try that Orange Juice you’re serving up. I prescribe, a chair on the patio with your current book club read while the kitty’s tumble around the yard. I love your posts and I love you too.


    • ((((Boomdee)))) Thanks for that. I know now it was silly to read it. It linked to another gardening site. Go figure. I made a point of not clicking back. Good riddance.

      I pinky swear to delete all spam, unread, from now on.

      Facebook probably has focus groups and make changes based on that. My guess anyway. It wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed they had so many versions (I think I counted four). Refresh your screen two or three times, and the new one appears.

      Perhaps different people are compelled to write based on different prompts (how are you feeling vs what’s happening?) Who knows. I love that we are connected there.


      • Urrrrg, hard to believe it’s someone masquerading as a Blogger….I wonder what WP would think of that..they should be blocked, but I guess they’d just start a new one 5 minutes later.

        I’ll have to watch for that on FB, I was just there but forgot to look. I’ll try to refresh, thank you. It’s awesome to catch up there too, it’s more like hanging over your fence there. mwwaaaa.


  3. Well, the comments were as educational as your post. I had no idea there was a spam filter on facebook. I have two accounts. One for my crazy family only and the other was started for sane friends and writing friends. I’m not very good at it but at least I’m trying to stay up to date tech wise. I’ve had some hurtful comments on my blogs so I know how painful it can be. You write a wondreful uplifting blog. Too bad the plants haven’t all caught wind of it or they would be more co-operative. Ignore the buggers.


    • LOL! I suppose cooperative plants would be dull to write about.

      Thanks for your comments and insights, Marlene. I love that you have two FB persona’s. You are a wise woman if family complications pose a challenge.

      I need to clarify that the Spam Folder is in WordPress, not Facebook. No haters on my Facebook list. I had one, someone who remembered me from high school. She took a friend to task on her position on health care, and was nasty about it to boot. I gave her a gentle warning once, that simply deleted the tie. Life is too short for that kind of nonsense.


  4. I don’t have a facebook account and I’m quite pleased. There are some seriously screwed up people in the world – don’t let their negativity spoil your day. I love your blog and you, dear Alys, are a shining example of positivity that never fails to attract me! Never feel like you’re moaning when you’re simply speaking from the heart.
    I’m so impressed that you blog daily… I “high five” myself if I post more than once a week!!


    • Good for you, PJ. I have to admit I’m a Facebook junkie, but at least there you can control your connections. It’s not for everyone.

      Thank you for your kind words and positive support. That means so much to me.

      I made the commitment to myself about a year ago to blog every single day for one year. It hasn’t always been easy (travel, illness, life) but it has always been rewarding. I’ve connected with wonderful people like you along the way, and for that I am so grateful.



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