It’s a Nice Day for a Weeding

DSC_0025Yippee!  After days of bitter cold, we’ve had a glorious, sunny day. Even the birds in Mr. Prickles’ Magnolia tree are filled with song. What a perfect day to pull weeds.*

Of course, one thing leads to another so while I was at it I turned the compost barrel and flipped the compost in the bin. It’s all coming along nicely. I got in a good rake as well. My organizing side likes the order that comes with pulled weeds and raked needles. Being close to the earth is nice, too.

It was sad to see so much frost damage. Several of the ferns were hard hit, though ironically, the orange tree looks okay. I’m leaving the dwarf lemon under frost cloth for a few more days, though we’ve finally warmed up to a seasonal norm.

I looked in on the worms in the worm bin. Those wigglers are looking fat and happy. It guess it’s all those apple cores and organic broccoli heads. Tee-hee!

We’ve had a high of 57 F (13C)  today with projections of 65 F (18C) by the weekend.  I know it’s just a tease, but judging by all the buds breaking out, spring is on the way.

winter garden collage

A. Leaf pile
B. Frost damage
C. Nesting material (laundry lint)
D. Peek-a-boo
E. Healthy orange tree

*with apologies, if you’ve read this far looking for wedding advice.

21 thoughts on “It’s a Nice Day for a Weeding

  1. Six plus days of rain, sleet, or snow here. Can you send a little sunshine? My dogs are depressed their Mom can’t take them for a walk!


    • LOL! Well, I appreciate weeding is not for everyone. I actually find it relaxing. But the conditions must be right. Trying to get over-grown weeds out of dry, clay dirt isn’t fun at all. Pulling small weeds out of damp soil…that’s relaxing.


  2. It is sometimes hard to let the weather keep you down. Someone always has to get the job done. Try making time for rest is the most important. I nominated you for an award, so kindly visit my blog, and view my Award Category for your nomination. Thanks, Mtetar


  3. I’m so envious, look at your sweet little squirrels peaking through, enjoying the sun and your company too. Nice to get back outside. I spent an hour on our little deck just to get out. The roofers left a giant mess..there was asphalt and nails and garbage (they were the worst). I just put on my ipod and swept and mopped and wiped until it was sparkling, so nice to be outside.

    Sorry to hear you lost some plants to frost, is that pretty unusual? I started collecting dryer lint about a month ago, I was laughing the other day because I got some new flannel pj’s for Xmas and every time I launder them, I get aqua lint….how fabulous is that? LOL…only aqua nests will do in Boomdee land ha! I’ll wait till spring to hang my bundle. I was looking really close at your hanger. I saved a bag from oranges, but wondered if the holes were to big, I didn’t want a bird to get tangled up. I’ll FB you, see what you think. xoK 🙂


    • I saw the photo, but just now made the connection with the penny in place. You bring up a good point. I saw a fascinating idea today at the Los Gatos Birdwatcher store. You could buy a wreath with moss and feathers and other nesting material wrapped around it. I wonder if you could put the Boomdee touch on something like that, then hang it up high but sheltered in a tree or even on a door.


  4. That does sound interesting. I tried to see on their website but no peek there. I’ll have to snoop around Greenland in the spring and see what some options are. Do your birds just hang on the side of your netted bag? I never thought of a wreath, thanks for that Alys. Looks like a great store there.


    • I love this store. I could have written paragraphs. I know this will sound funny, but it smells really nice in there. I think it must be all the seeds. They also have bird calls, wind chimes and other things that add to the soothing ambiance. They used to have a beautiful black lab with them every day too, but I didn’t have the heart to ask. She may have passed, sweet thing. She was the store greeter.

      They post peoples photographs,too, of birds and squirrels. They have a real squirrels nest, brought in by a client who found it on a trail. It’s lined with bay leaves, a natural deterrent to pests. Smart squirrels. I’m now convinced that we do indeed have a squirrels nest in the orange tree. I asked it they reuse them, but he said they probably takes pieces of it and rebuild elsewhere. So much to see and learn.


      • Awww, I’m just going to think their lab is out napping in the garden. I just had a big deja vu thinking about feeding our Budgie Tweety. Tweety was almost an aqua colour, isn’t that funny? So smart and sweet. He’d give kisses and head bumps. We just loved him so much. I don’t think it sounds silly that you like the smell, I always thought Tweety’s food smelt like candy.


        • Awww. Tweety. How sweet that is. Dad had a parakeet in the few months before he died named Pete. We loved that bird. He liked sitting on your head or shoulder.

          I wish we had time for me to take you around to all my favorite places. You would love it here.


          • It’s so funny that you also had a parakeet…how cute Pete sounds…I can almost see him standing on your toss of red hair. That’s a funny name, like a brother..:D

            I guess I’ll just have to come visit more than once 😀 and we’ll make a bucket list xo mwaaaaa.


            • My mom wrote a children’s story book about Pete. She never got it published but we enjoyed listening to it as kids. Of course she included us in the story.

              I look forward to visiting you in Alberta, too, one day. As the boys get older, travel will become easier as well. I’ve not been back to Canada in a very long time, and I’ve never been to Alberta. Shameful. I will remedy that in the next few years.


              • Your mom sounds very artistic. Have you ever considered self publishing? That might be kind of fun.

                When you are able to wander up here, it’ll have to be summer time so we can go to the mountains. Oprah was in town a couple of nights ago and it was bitterly cold. She did not hide the fact that she couldn’t take it..LOL poor girl. I think we shall not see her back any time soon.


                • LOL! That is funny. Doesn’t she live in Chicago? It can get pretty cold there. Did she tape a show up there?

                  A summer visit sounds lovely. Ah, the mountains.

                  It would be interesting to self-publish her book. I’ll have to give that some thought.


  5. Oprah did a stadium show. I don’t know how many seats, but sold out. I admire many things she’s accomplished but I didn’t watch her show. I don’t know why, I just never connected with her message(s). I’d watch sometimes if she had on someone special. Like J F K Jr. She interrupted him the whole time….it was maddening. I just wanted to hear him finish a sentence. I realize it was ‘The OPRAH show’ but come on…manners. Anyways, I am in the minority that is for sure. People worship her like a religion.


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