We have a dwarf lemon tree growing in our side yard, currently draped in frost cloth. It’s young, so it hasn’t produced fruit yet, but we’re hoping this is the year. Meanwhile, here are some fabulous tips from What’s Green With Betsy. After reading, I’m thinking a lemon a day should be my new mantra. Enjoy!

What's Green with Betsy?!?

One of my readers sent me a write-up about the secret of frozen lemons.  Rather than just using the lemon juice and wasting the rest of this nutrient-rich fruit, freeze it.  Wash it first and once frozen, grate the unpeeled lemon and add it to salads, soups, stews, ice cream, cookie dough, chicken and fish dishes, rice, martinis, whatever, for much added nutrition and taste.  What a great idea!

We all know that lemons are chock full of Vitamin C, which helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging and most types of disease, as well as fight colds and flu.  But did you know that lemons contain more health benefitting nutrients than other citrus fruits like oranges or tangerines?  They contain citric acid, flavonoids, B-complex vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and fiber.   Surprisingly, the lemon peel contains as much as 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the…

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  1. Interesting link, thanks Alys. I didn’t know there was Calcium in a lemon that’s surprising. It’s funny, I just grated a lemon into my recipe last night. It was a pineapple cheesecake. Everyone enjoyed it. I use a lot of lemon. On our veggies and in water…I wish we had a tree too.


    • You are ahead of the game, then. Well done.

      Oh my that dessert sounds delicious. I worked eight hours through today without sitting down or eating lunch. I’m a wreck. I forgot I wasn’t 25 anymore! Will you save me a slice? 😉


      • Oh poor girl, that must have been a giant project. I would be famished……go now, relax…maybe a hot bath to ease the muscles. ps….so sorry, we just ate the last of the pie today…it was an easy one…I take a picture and post to fb later. xoK


        • I’ll go look for the pic.

          Poor Mike was also a wreck after spending three hours under the house in 18 inches of crawl space. Were in day five of a cold snap and our house just wasn’t warming up. Sure enough, two of the heating ducts were cracked. It explains the pricey energy bill last month, our Luke-warm house and the funny noise when we run the furnace.

          While he was at it, he insulated all the copper piping so now I have a shot at that hot bath, too.

          I love, love, love organizing and had a successful day and a happy client. But standing on concrete in the cold for eight hours sure took its toll. I slept like a log, though.

          Dreaming of pie…


          • Omgosh, you’ve all had a very productive weekend. Sounds like Mike had a nasty job there. Most people here have full Basements but we had a crawl space at the lake. Ours was almost 5′ high, so we didn’t have to belly crawl, poor guy. It’s never ending maintenance isn’t it? Thank goodness you’ve found the problem, without a fireplace to warm too it would have been the pits for you all.

            I be your client was ecstatic, wow 8 hours? Was it in a workshop or garage? I imagine it’d be so satisfying to really help someone with your expertise.

            Dreaming of pie..LOL, I’m dreaming of spring. It’s snowing out today..pretty!


            • Wow! 5′ would be a dream. This is truly a crawl space. The very old homes here often have what we call quarter basements, but it is rare to see a full basement. I’m not sure if it is cost, earthquakes, flood zones or style but they are rare.

              The maintenance is endless and the wallet is always open!

              Mike repaired the duct work, insulated the pipes and cleaned the gutters. We’ve recently replaced the carpet with cork and finally replaced our broken couch. I’m still dealing with the store that sold it to us three short years ago.

              The spring to our garage door broke. That was a $160 repair and he says we need a new motor for another $350. k-ching, k-ching, k-ching!


              • Most homes at the lake had only a crawl space like yours. Just the pits for maintenance. In the city it’d be very unusual not to have a basement. I’m not a big fan of basement development unless they are walkouts, but they’re a necessity here.

                Oh heck, what happened to your couch? Sounds like a bit of a battle.

                I know your feeling on the home maintenance issues, it’s really never ending isn’t it. We are getting spoilt at the Condo.


                • My friend in CT had a walkout basement. It was so cool! It was amazing having all that extra space.

                  Oh, the couch, the couch. I’m kicking myself for not doing anything sooner. We bought a couch 7 years ago from Crate and Barrel. Within four years the hard wood frame cracked!!! Can you believe it? We just assumed one of the boys jumped on it once too often (though you would think thirty pounds wouldn’t be a problem). Anyway, we disposed of the couch after Mike made two attempts to repair it and bought a new one, also from Crate and Barrel. The *second* couch broke after two years (boys were much older so no excuses there). It wasn’t the wood frame but the suspension system. Suddenly it was like sitting down on the floor on one end of the couch. Again, Mike tried to repair it without success and we just lived with it for another year. It became so uncomfortable that we finally bought a third couch! How ridiculous is that? Couches should last years and years and years.

                  So I finally called Crate and Barrel and explained what had happened to the first and second couch. She all but accused me of lying, saying that in her five years there a couch frame *never* broke. So, tomorrow a company will come out to look at the couch but she says we probably voided the warranty when Mike tried to fix it. [End of vent]

                  Thanks for asking, though!


                  • Urrrrgggg…and Crate & Barrel is NOT inexpensive. You know what, I don’t think it matters where you buy stuff these days…it seems utterly disposable. We had big disappointments with a Lazyboy sofa….they re-placed the seat cushions 3 times…they’d pancake and then the covers would be to big. Finally the warranty ran out….we got rid of it and bought a Flexsteel…seems ok so far. Knock wood.


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