Fairy Mystique: The Young and the Young-Hearted

If you’ve been following Gardening Nirvana for a while, you’ll know that I’ve fallen in love with fairy gardens. You can read a bit about them here. I created several over the past year, and shared them on my blog. They’re whimsical and fun.

Imagine my delight to learn that the two little girls across the street decided to create a fairy garden of their own. They caught the fairy garden bug!

When the holiday season rolled around this year, I thought it would be fun to don my “fairy cap” and create a little magic of my own.

On my first visit to their families outdoor Christmas tree, I left a tiny note and some “decorating material” including sequins, silk thread and a roll of red laundry lint, perfect for making fairy pillows and blankets. I tucked it deep in the branches so they could enjoy the search.

Fairy Garden Package #1

Fairy Garden Package #1

Next up, another note along with some ribbon, a few wooden stars and a family of matchstick-sized dolls tucked inside a baby food jar and wrapped in mesh.

Fairy Garden Package #2

Fairy Garden Package #2

On my last visit to the tree, I left a parcel of miniature bristle trees, a few shiny mirrors (great for lakes and ponds) and a bag of fairy snow.

Fairy Snow

Fairy Snow

It has been so much fun sorting through my sewing box, scrap-booking materials, and left over art supplies to pull together little treasures for the fairy aficionados.

On Christmas Eve, just before heading out with my family to look at neighborhood Christmas lights I made one last visit.  My son helped me fill the top half of a paper Christmas cracker, with a few gold coins. While my husband backed out the car, I tiptoed to their door, deposited the gifts, rang the bell, and ran like crazy. Getting caught in the act would spoil all the fun.

As I raced across their lawn and out of view, the neighborhood kitty gave chase. My parting thought as I ran around the corner was how funny it must have looked to see a woman in her fifties running across her neighbor’s lawn, with a small white cat in hot pursuit.

There's Magic in that Tree

There’s Magic in that Tree

Fairy Garden Snow Recipe

  1. one small handful of craft snow
  2. a pinch of sparkles
  3. a dash of blue bakers sugar


10 thoughts on “Fairy Mystique: The Young and the Young-Hearted

  1. The image of you running from a small white cat across any lawn will be forever burned into my mind bringing a twisted smile to my face as I stiffle a giggle. What fun to expand another childs world. You inspire me so. Thank you. M


  2. OMG, I love that so much, I would pay to see it on film….you are so much fun. Obviously their kitty thought you were too..:D Wait for me lady!!! I wish I was watching…LOL. If I tried that, I’d probably fall down or trip or worst break something in their yard as I made an escape. I think it’s just precious of you to be the secret fairy garden nurturer in the hood. You’ve earned you fairly wings for sure. Adorable!


    • I’m so glad I didn’t slip and fall. That would have been the worst. Or…tripped over the cat. I thought it would have been funny if they opened the door and the cat was standing there. That would have been priceless.

      Thanks for the defacto anointment of fairy wings. I always wanted a pair. 🙂

      Thank you!!!


      • Kitty at the door 😀 that would be awesome. Bing bong ^=0=^….LOL. I’m hearing Jenny in Forest Gump (just watched that)…Run Alys….RUN !! Now, you have to sneak over to get update pictures…One day at the lake, Jim and I decided we wanted a Gin & Tonic but then I realized I had left our bottle at Karens the weekend before, we had a key so I thought I’d sneak over to get it…wouldn’t you know it, there I am in their pantry and they came home… Karen just laughted and joined us for happy hour, they were great neighbours and friends.


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