Jack Frost Nipping at the Plants

DSC_0008Jack Frost has a mean bite.  In just one night, the late season pumpkins are through.  I rounded the corner this morning, stunned to see how quickly the damage took hold. The pumpkin plant looks a bit sad next to the otherwise vigorous winter vegetables, but I knew it was just a matter of time.

I covered the two coleus with frost cloth in mid November, but a partially exposed section of one of the plants froze as well. I’m going to add another layer tonight (wished I had done so earlier).  We’re expecting a low of 38 F for one more night.  Showers are in the forecast  the rest of this week with lows warming up to 45 F.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Frost damaged pumpkin plant

Frost damaged pumpkin plant

Damage-free coleus

Damage-free coleus

Frost Bitten Coleus

Frost Bitten Coleus



6 thoughts on “Jack Frost Nipping at the Plants

  1. Holy toledo, I would have never guessed your garden would get a ‘killing frost’…:( bummer about the pumpkins. I’m afraid we’re going into the deep freeze as well. They are saying -35C Christmas morning. Gulp. It’s all relative to what you’re accustom to, I know freezing temps must really put a chill in your bones down there. I can manage the cold pretty well, I just worry about peoples pets…I’m the kind of person who will get annoyed at neighbours if they don’t bring their dogs in (happens in the country a lot). I bought some cranberries today to make a rope like PJ’s…I would invite them in too if Jim would let me…giggle


    • It doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen. Certainly nothing compared to Edmonton. The problem here is we aren’t as prepared for cold weather. Houses weren’t properly insulated in the early years, back when electricity was cheap and people didn’t pay attention. I do pay attention now when I plant something new to see how much cold it can handle. I’m kicking myself now for not taking cuttings of the coleus when I had the chance. Hopefully the extra covers tonight will protect the rest.

      It makes me sad to see animals treated with such disregard as well. I drove up to Palo Alto today with Mike and we saw horses wearing blankets.

      I need to go catch up on PJs post. I’m behind on all my favorite reading, *but* I am done with all my Christmas cards, wrapping and shipping.


      • I never thought of that, ya why would they insulate a home in California with big R value. I guess technology has changed so much with new homes too. Now they spray that stuff in and it’s toast, even in a basement….Do you even have basements in your homes? I think mostly we do, since all the plumbing and what not needs to be somewheres warm and insulated, but a lot of people practically live in their basements and make theatres in them and game rooms. I’ve never been a big fan, but I’ve seen some pretty amazing ones in new homes.

        How nice, a day with the hubby. I guess it was a country drive. I just looked at google images…fantastic. Glad the horses where dressed for the weather.

        I’m no where’s near done on the Christmas list….you’re a rock star. I’m currently knitting a scarf for a Sat BD.. Everything I do lately is in a panic…giggle.


  2. I hate seeing animals outside in Winter – my husband has to persuade me every year that the chickens don’t need to be brought indoors!! We spend ages insulating their coop so it looks like an igloo just so I stop worrying about them. We’re due to wrap them up soon!
    Our house is very draughty, with wooden floors that lift the rugs on a windy day! It’s an Victorian farmhouse that was built for function rather than energy saving – ironically, we’ve recently completed new outbuildings (garages, workshop and barn) that had to have full insulation, energy saving glass etc…. just in case future owners decide to convert them in the future. The sheds are warmer than the house!!!!


  3. Sorry to see the plants freeze. I remember that from my southern California days. It reminds us Mother Nature will always have her say. We had snow here in Portland this week!! It usually comes a bit later but never sticks around. Merry Christmas.


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