Finishing Touches: Seed Packets are a Go

I spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches on my Cosmo seed packets.  It was a good day to be indoors, with cold temps and the occasional light shower.

The seed packets are ready! I’ve been saving them in a paper cup since late summer. Today I sprinkled them into individual, 3 x 3 glassine envelopes, then sealed them with a hand-punched heart.  I momentarily panicked that I wouldn’t have enough to fill 20 envelopes but I did.  I even remembered to save a few seeds for my garden next spring.

I punched the hearts out of a glossy fashion catalog.  The green, water-color background was just the thing. No two hearts are alike. Aren’t they fun?

Cosmo Seed Packets

Cosmo Seed Packets

Heart-punched fashion catalog

Punched Fashion Catalog

heart punched page

Heart punched Page

Watering Can Stickers

Watering Can Stickers

Cosmo Seed Card Collage

Cosmo seed cards

It’s nice to check this task off my list, but I must admit it’s been an enjoyable one.  I hope the seeds live on with friends and neighbors (and the occasional bird) in the seasons to come.

25 thoughts on “Finishing Touches: Seed Packets are a Go

  1. I love this. I actually was thinking about what to put together that could be for gardening for party favors. I can’t stand all the plastic bits and bobs that end up being a waste. SEED packets are what we gave for our wedding party favor. Hum…now to think which seeds.
    Any ideas for planting late January? Such a great project.


    • Thank you so much for commenting. I love the idea of giving seeds as a wedding favor. Nothing says new beginnings like seeds!

      As for planting late January, that’s a tough one. Could you give seeds for the spring instead?


  2. So darn cute and what a warm and thoughtful gift from your garden. I will never look at a catalogue or calendar quite the same way. You’ve got so many great recycling idea’s, your municipality should print them up in a newsletter or something……I’m sure I’m not the only one who would never think of things like this. Your dear dad is smiling from ear to ear….a chip off the ol’ block.


    • What a lovely, lovely thing to say. I think about my dad so much when I garden.

      Thank you for your compliments as well. I’m inspired by the clever ideas I see on Pinterest, and try to put my own bits and scraps back to use when I can. It’s great fun. Mwaaa xxoo


      • Mwwwaa back to you.

        Is it only 5:38am in San Jose? You are an early bird Alys. I’m up because I have no alarm clock and I need to be at a 10 am appt so Jim woke me on his way out…he looks so cute in the morning in his toque.


          • 4:00?????? Oh no…..well at least you are making good use of the time.
            Thanks my friend and good going at Boot Camp, I’m such a slouch……you’re the girlfriend my dad always wanted me to have, “why don’t you call that Alys girl, she’s always doing something fun”….xoK have a good one!


              • I always look forward to your posts and your visits and messages too. I feel so lucky.
                I’m off to sleep early (for me), I even had a little snooze this afternoon and I’m still sleepy. I think this cold took more out of me than I’m willing to admit…I’ll be ‘Super Wife’ tomorrow…sweet dreams Alys.


                  • Thanks for your caring message my friend. ‘Super Wife’ was crazy today. I got a lot done, so it was good to sleep early. Just finished decorating the tree….it’s so pretty.

                    There must be something around, seems lots of colds in San Diego and my cousin Sherri is sick in Ottawa…I’m glad I got it before Christmas…I hope you’re fella’s will have speedy recovery’s so they can enjoy their school breaks. Are they off this week too?


                    • I would love to see your tree. Will it make an appearance this week on Boomdeeadda? FB?

                      Getting the extra rest really helps. My oldest son is so smart about paying attention to what he needs. The first day he was sick, he went back to bed and slept for three hours, spent most of his day resting, and sent himself back to school the next day. I need to do more of that…sleep when I need it and not resist.

                      My oldest son has his last day of finals tomorrow. He’ll be out a 12:20 and then off till January 7th. My younger son is in school through Friday. Mike’s going to take some time off, but I’m still not sure when. Will you be at home Christmas day?


                    • I do know that I felt way better after sacrificing one day of the vacation in bed…had to be, C’est la vie. Kids seem better at recovering, do you think? I use to get so sick the night before exams…nerves, terrible. Hope it all goes brilliantly!!! Won’t it be nice to have everyone home?

                      We are probably home Christmas day with the exception of a trip to the Cinema…just me and the big guy. We sleep late, open treasures, have a nice breakfast, go out to a movie, home for a cozy meal.
                      Very Indulgent…;) You?
                      ps…..tree appearance in Que….ha you know me too well.


                    • What a lovely, lovely day you two have planned. I love every detail. Sleeping late, breakfast, movies. Nice!

                      Our day will be equally intimate with just the four of us. We usually have Panetonne for breakfast, a family tradition from Mike’s side of the family. I always like the idea of getting out to a movie mid-day, but we never quite make it out the door.

                      It is nice having everyone home. I love that.

                      And yes, children do recover more quickly. Lots of cell rejuvenation going on before we hit 25. Then, well…gravity and all that!


                    • Your day sounds really nice and laid back. I’ve seen those big breads (cakes?) but I’ve never bought one. Jims not fond of raisins, while I love them. Do you toast it? Looks like it’d be yummy. I try and make stuff we will both enjoy…although, I do make sweet potatoes which he’s ‘not a fan’ of….I guess I don’t want to spoil him too much LOL.
                      Gravity….yikes, it is not my friend…are your earlobes getting longer…wait, you don’t have to answer that intrusive question….I’m just saying, I was putting ear rings in the other day and thought “now when did that happen”…oh man.


                    • Oh not the earlobes too. I guess it’s good I’m growing out my hair again.;-)

                      I think Panetone is a cross between a cake and a bread. Mike likes to dip it in his coffee. Sometimes we warm it up, but not usually toasted. The really good ones come from Italy. It’s something Mike was raised with and I’ve been happy to adopt.

                      We all have such different tastes around here. And I too was a picky eater growing up. I’ve expanded my horizons quite a bit thank goodness so their is hope for my boys!


  3. They look great, what a perfect gift so simple but really effective 🙂 How on earth do you do it?! I haven’t a creative bone in my body – I guess it’s a good job that I’m good at digging! 😉


    • LOL! Anyone that can create beautiful garden beds like yours is certainly creative.

      Thank you for the compliment, though. I had great fun pulling together the things I love (photography, flowers, gardening and digital scrap booking) and making simple gifts.


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