Gardens of Santana Row

Cyclamens at the RowA decade ago, a sleepy San Jose shopping center called Town and Country Village morphed into a mixed-use, upscale complex known as Santana Row. In this era of indoor malls, it’s a treat to walk “The Row” where European-influenced architecture compliments the beautiful greens.  Gorgeous pots brimming with blooms line the sidewalks year round.  Several outdoor restaurants sit under graceful trees.  Even the sidewalk strips brim with life.  Santana Row earned two major design awards including:

“the CELSOC Engineering Excellence Award in 2004, and Builder Magazine’s Project of the Year in 2003.

Judges from Builder Magazine noted the street’s European atmosphere that was achieved by employing a variety of architectural designs for the structures as well as sophisticated landscaping details. These details focused on the use of mature oak and palm trees, shaded grassy plazas, courtyards, and fountains, intimate public seating areas, extra-wide sidewalks and street medians, and mixed-use destinations such as Park Valencia, which hosts live music, a farmer’s market, and other public gatherings.” (Sources: Wikipedia and Builder Magazine)

I lunched with my sister today at Santana Row’s The Left Bank. The grounds were newly planted for the holidays.  I love the liberal use of whites and purples throughout, along with the more traditional reds. I’m dying to go back to see more. Here’s what’s in bloom at The Row.

Red and white pots
Paper White Narcissus
Succulents and Annuals
Planters full of PurpleRed and Green pots

Christmas at Santana Row

Tree branches painted red look like birds nest ornaments

7 thoughts on “Gardens of Santana Row

  1. What a gorgeous place. I like those tiny cabbages in that one pot, that’s creative. Also the little purple ‘bell flower?’ I think with pink cyclamen I really miss the outside shopping that we use to enjoy here. Our downtown area used to be so awesome for that. I started working downtown in 1979 and there were all kinds of small store located in vintage buildings…mostly gone now and it’s a shame. Santana Row is going on the list…oh boy…LOL, so much to see


    • It is a shame to see so many shops close. We have a few revitalized areas locally (Los Gatos, Campbell, Willow Glen, all outdoors). I hope it’s a trend.

      Of course, with cold, freezing weather, I can see the attraction of an indoor mall. It’s just not the same though.


      • That’s so true, that’s why ‘Whyte Ave’ in Edmonton here is so popular. It’s all unique shops, door to door. Great restaurants and a Cinema that plays Arty movies. We’ll definitely check it out when you can visit. One of our favourite restaurants ‘Continental Cuisine’ is there too. I can walk from downtown over the High Level Bridge, it’s about 3.5 km or about 2 miles.


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