Decorating the Tree: Garden-Themed Favorites

Growing up, my sister and I loved decorating the tree.  We arranged and rearranged the ornaments over and over again.  It was a game for us, and one Mom didn’t seem to mind.

In my single years, I didn’t have the space or I wasn’t interested in the fuss. One of my favorite memories from my first year of marriage was reviving that tradition. Together we bought a small tree and a few ornaments, then posed for a dozen pictures in front of the decorated tree.

Adding Traditions

When our boys came along, we added to that tradition: they each choose one ornament a year.  I document them in a journal; what they choose and why. It’s interesting to mark the passage of time each year, as we unwrap all our little treasures.

Our assortment of baubles is an eclectic one. Hanging from the branches you’ll find a  Star Trek Phaser, Batman, Tweety Bird and an articulated metal seahorse.  My hope is to pass on their collection of ornaments when they start life as adults away from home.

Garden Meets Tree

In the meantime, we’ve amassed our own collection through gifts, travel and events.  Here are my garden-themed favorites:

Watering Can Ornament

Watering Can Ornament 3Watering Can Ornaments, a gift from my sister-in-law

Autumn LeavesAutumn leaf dipped in goldBirch and Maple autumn leaves dipped in gold, a gift from Mom

Floral TeacupTeacup with flowers from a dear friend (tea and flowers in one)!

Button Christmas TreeThe newest addition: A miniature button Christmas Tree (from a talented, kindred soul)

Do you celebrate Christmas?  If so, what do you hang on your tree?


15 thoughts on “Decorating the Tree: Garden-Themed Favorites

  1. Christmas decorations make me smile each year… slowly unwrapping little packages that contain memories, happiness and love. Your post is lovely Alys and I especially like those watering cans!


  2. awww ((( Alys ))) I feel the same, kindred to be sure. I’m honoured that you’ve put it on your tree with your special keepsakes. mwwwaa !
    Clever you for starting your sons off with their very own collections and a journal about it. That will be a beautiful gift when they begin their own traditions.
    I’ve put up my little tree but there’s nothing on it except lights, which I’m enjoying. Hopefully today, you’ve inspired me to get busy. xoK


    • Mwwwaaa to you too! I love that button tree and the love that went into it. I’m honored!

      A tree with lights is special in itself. I love the warm glow of Christmas lights. A night or two before Christmas, late at night when my family is in bed, I stand alone and just “drink it in” the glow, the warmth, the moment of quiet. Enjoy your special tree. I hope it makes it into a post.


      • I did bring some ornaments home from our locker. I’m not sure what’s in the box, it’ll be decorating on a wing and a prayer. I’m a little nervous about leaving the diva’s home along with a decorated tree while we’re away, I might carry it in to the powder room…hehehe, fancy powder room.


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