Blooming Thursday: State of Confusion

In our glorious state of California, known for sunshine and moderate weather, there is usually something in bloom.  That said, even the Golden State has a natural order of things.  Perhaps it’s time to hang up an “out-of-order” sign.  My garden is in a state of confusion.


First up, the tomato plant.  The seeds I planted in the spring grew, produced and then died off.  Nice, orderly, predictable.  The wind, or perhaps a bird dropped a seed in our narrow side yard, and believe it or not I have a seven-foot tall tomato plant.  With flowers.  Tiny, tomato flowers.  The limited sun explains the height of the plant, but flowers in November?

Sideyard, off-season tomato

Off-season tomato


Pumpkins should be done for the season.  Errant seeds should sleep under the soil for the winter, or gathered and stored till next spring. As I covered the patio furniture in preparation for our first rain I had a pumpkin bloom keeping me company.  It’s beautiful and hopeful but decidedly out of season.

off season pumpkin flower

Off-season pumpkin bloom


I reluctantly removed several Cosmo starts from the vegetable box, to make room for cauliflower and broccoli. After days in the mid-eighties, the warm soil must have triggered the cosmos to grow. I don’t blame them for the state of confusion.  We’ve all been shaking our heads and saying “where is fall?”  I didn’t have the heart to remove all the out-of-season re-starts, so I have an impressive pumpkin plant, true leaves and all, rubbing shoulders with the winter vegetables (take two).

Broccoli and Pumpkins

Shoulder to Shoulder: Broccoli and Pumpkin

I don’t want to seem ungracious, but I feel like we’ve missed out on sweater-weather entirely.  Seven weeks in and we’re only now seeing the more traditional weather patterns. Today’s light rain was a welcome relief.  I donned my coat and hat and worked outdoors for nearly five hours. The air was cool and fresh as it rained off and on.  Even the cats didn’t mind.

Here’s hoping fall is here to stay this time.  Shorter days, cooler nights and a gentle rain will go a long way to end my garden’s state of confusion.

What’s blooming on your Thursday?

23 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: State of Confusion

  1. Tomatoe plants on steroids! What a monster. And really, that’s pretty economical landscaping, LOL you might be onto a new trend. Is makes me laugh that you are gleefully greeting the cooler weather and I’m a little grumpy about it. You really were on a roll there in your garden. Time seems to fly by doesn’t it. I remember thinking, “What? Supper time already.” I tried to take the car out today, but it was too slippery and icy. Oh well. Nice to see the blooms in your yard, thanks Alys.


    • You have every right to be grumpy. I’m still able to garden while you’re trapped by snow drifts and ice. I can still drive, walk down the street in slip-on shoes while you probably can hardly see from the wind and snow. I remember as a child having to stay indoors for so many hours on those frigid snow days. We would bundle up and play in the snow for about an hour, but eventually we were wet and cold and had to come back indoors. I hope the weather eases a bit soon.


      • LOL, Have you ever seen that movie “Ground Hog Day” with Bill Murray? I entirely expected to hear Sonny & Cher sing that song when I turn on the news today. It’s my own fault for procrastinating about my snow tires. They’re out in our storage locker, stupid me. I really must get on board, there’s lot’s of winter to go. Do me a favour and enjoy a cup of tea with your kitties in your garden today and report every saucy detail…..don’t leave out a thing. LOL 😀


        • Oh what a pain! Our temps really dropped today, from the 80’s early this week to a high of 57 today. Far from freezing, I know, but the sudden drop leaves me cold. I turned on the heater for the first time in months. I got to wear my new, super-soft scarf though, so all is well.

          Speaking of tea, I’ve been mulling over all the ways to completely monopolize your time in San Jose. We must go to Lisa’s Tea Treasures. I think you would love it. I’ll send you the link.


          • Oooooh, sign me up. Tea, Treasure, you…..Lisa, fun & sun.LOL I’m giddy with excitement. I guess you probably own very few winter clothing items, so a nice scarf is easy to incorporate. 57 F would seem chilly if you were used to 80…so find a kitty or two to snuggle with and stay warm.


              • yikes, that does sound chilly for most stuff. Good grief, imagine if your giant tomatoe plant froze? It could slump over and bury you till spring….be careful. I follow a Blog from New Zealand and their are having a frost filled spring…she’s lost a number of tender plants this week. Crazy weather.


                • How disappointing for her. My friend Liz lives in New Zealand as well. I’ll have to ask her about her garden. She also keeps the most adorable chickens. What a life!

                  LOL on the tomato plant. I fear those tiny flowers are officially done for. How quickly it turned.

                  They’ve revised our low to 39F. Time to get out their and cover things up.


                    • I went outside before dark and nabbed her. She is so frightened of Lindy…it breaks my heart. So, with Lindy sleeping on my bed, I managed to grab Slinky and bring her indoors. She’s resting in the laundry room after her yummy snack. So far, Lindy is none the wiser. I’ll keep her in for the night and I’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

                      Thanks for thinking of her.


                    • Awwww, I’m so glad you were able to bring her in. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Lindy would share her family? I’ll cross my fingers. Sending Slinky a big hug…and Lindy too (I know you can’t help yourself)…ok and you too, cause you’re the best kitty mom around xoK


                    • Thank you! She’s pretty stressed, running around the house snarling at cats and swatting at legs (ours). She’s eating now. Mouse took Beijing’s spot on Chris bed, and Slinky went and urinated on Mac’s bed, so I’ve bee doing laundry, cleaning mattresses and setting up a temporary bed for Mac on the couch. What a night!

                      But…she’s in the warm house and I feel good about that.


  2. CCI’ve got flowers on the tomato plant in my daughter’s room – it’s only about 14 degrees Celsius on the windowsill, so like you I am surprised at the unseasonal blooms. Perhaps even more surprising are the tomatoes which are just starting to grow from flowers on the plant in my room!


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