Haunting in the Fairy Garden

It was a dark and stormy night in the garden. Strong winds whistled through the stark, barren trees. Lightning split the blackened skies as thunder rumbled like an angry troll. Tiny fairies scaled the tall pumpkins, stumbling upon a petrified fallen log nestled at the base of the pumpkin’s stem.  Out of nowhere, a tall ladder appeared reaching skyward.

Fairy garden log

…stumbling upon a fallen log.

A large, white cat mewed at the base of the decaying stump, reminding them that they must trudge on. They climbed the ladder slowly, chin to chest, to avoid the fierce and brutal wind. Reaching the top, the fairies emerged in a magical forest where homes were made from stickers and tiny cats were one-dimensional.

Halloween Fairy Garden

Halloween Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Cats

Frolicking cats

They stumbled along a grey stone pathway littered with fallen leaves leading to a house. Larger than life tombstones stood at an odd angle nearby. Were they imagining things or was that really a ghost?  If you’re a fairy meandering through a forest on a dark and stormy night, it’s easy to let your imagination get away from you.  It’s probably just a balloon stuck in a tree.

Halloween Fairy Garden

Going up?

Suddenly, someone yelled “surprise!!!” it’s almost Halloween!

Only wonderful things happen in fairy gardens, and this was no exception.  Purple flowers bloomed in the nearby forest.  Cool, green baby tears lined the forest floor. Resident cats, Petals and Blossum frolicked in the tall grass.  A Pyjama Gardener cut flowers for the party table nearby. The fairies stayed to help decorate.  We’ll see what they are up to tomorrow.

Halloween Countdown:

Happy pumpkin

I’m so happy!

18 thoughts on “Haunting in the Fairy Garden

  1. What a big surprise! I can see my kitties there in your haunted garden, that’s so darn cute. Awwwww, thank’s Alys for including Petals and Blossum in your very creative post! The baby tears would be so soft to play in. You are amazing….we (kitties & me) are thrilled. I thought the part climbing the ladder was so well discribed, “chin to chest”…that’s brilliant. Next time I think I hear noises in the dark, I’ll just think about “a balloon in the tree’s”….yep, it’s just a balloon in the tree.


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