Garden Sunshine: September Winding Down

A special thank you to all my gentle readers for your comments and advice. The birdhouse gourd vine will stay through the winter. I”ll keep you posted on how things go. Late this week I noticed one of the gourds had doubled in size. Woo-hoo! What would a gardening gal do without this community?

Speaking of community, many thanks to gardensunshine for including me in her list of Beautiful Bloggers. I appreciate your kind words  I’ve been following her five-part series as she transforms her “shed” from drab to fab. Honestly, it’s more rustic house if you ask me and I’m positively envious of all that space. The shed even has a bit of history:

 It is believed to be one of the oldest buildings in our county. From what we can tell it was used as a house or bunker for the men working in the clay pit making clay bricks around 1890 and earlier. It is a really neat crooked building and as we found out when we power washed it full of water, it leans heavily to the left.

Historic Garden Shed

Garden Sunshine’s Historic Garden Shed (before)

Pop on over to read her five-part series, and to see the beautiful transformation in words and pictures. It was lovingly restored.

Back at gardening nirvana, we’re in for an early fall heat wave, with temps floating in the low nineties. I’m glad I got the winter garden in when I did. It’s a happy garden too, if that’s possible. The worm bin is a bustling place, thriving on kitchen scraps and leaves.The composter is “cooking” away, making organic mulch for next summer’s garden. I covered the seeds with wire and mesh, to ensure tiny critters give them a chance to grow.  Lindy thought it was a new litter box, so I had to put that to rest as well.

October is almost here. I’m so excited.

11 thoughts on “Garden Sunshine: September Winding Down

  1. Your optimism and exuberance is, as ever, a joy (even if I’m not gardening along with you). I have just discovered Garden Sunshine, love all her photo’s. I’m definitely going to scoot back and visit her story from the beginning. I can’t even imagine a building lasting in a yard that long…1890 is impressive. How often do you have to turn your composter?


    • I know! Isn’t that amazing. I love her “shed” and what they’ve done with it and how.

      The composter gets turned twice a week. I add to it most days from the kitchen so I usually just turn it then. I’ve read up on worm bins, so plan to get some straw and make it a bit better for them (though frankly, they seem to be in garbage heaven over there). 😉


  2. Thank you so much Alys for all your kind words. I appreciate it so much. You’re a little bit of sunshine yourself aren’t you! So happy to hear that your gourds are giving you a growth spurt, they are going to be fabulous. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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