Sunflower Wall or Bust

My longed-for “wall of sunflowers” is coming along nicely, but I’ve revised my description a bit.

Three sunflower seedlings survived the first planting but the squirrels pilfered the rest.  The second crop did much better after I engineered a screen saver, but the plants are shorter.  I thought they would catch up in height, but since they are also setting buds, I think they’ll remain vertically challenged.  So…here are my…sunflowers, minus the flowers.  They’ll be along shortly.

Sunflower bud

Sunflower Bud

Sunflowers Line the Deck

Sunflowers Line the Upper Deck
Lavender grazes below

8 thoughts on “Sunflower Wall or Bust

    • When did you plant them? Perhaps your plants are younger than mine. How exciting that they’ve gotten so big though. I’m not sure my experiment worked (planting them in shallow pots). They’re annuals so I know they don’t root deeply, but the stalks are also much thinner that what I planted last year. We’ll see. Good luck with your flowers, Bob.


  1. They’re getting pretty tall aren’t they? Good save! I wandered thru an urban garden on the weekend near our home. The bees were all over the sunflowers, I took some pictures for later this week. I just love their sunny faces in the garden. What do you have growing next to them? Is it Lavender?


    • I’m looking forward to that post, Boomdee.

      We have lavender growing at the base of the deck, now tall enough that it creates a lovely view from the deck as well as the street. The bees love swarming around that, too. Since I planted more than once, I’m not sure which batch of seeds grow the tallest. Amazingly, you can grow 25 foot sunflowers. I’m happy with the spectacle of 5 – 10 feet, myself. 🙂


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