Lindy in the Garden: Our Big Girl Turns 10

Lindy-Lu, our beloved black and white kitty, just turned ten. We adopted her seven years ago from our local Humane Society as a birthday gift for my oldest son. She’s been a gift to us all.

Tuxedo Cat, Lindy Lu

Our family looked at every single cat available for adoption that day, but in the end she chose us. She reached between the bars with her paw and patted my son.

Lindy is good-natured and outgoing and unlike most cats, she comes when called. She’s too big for our laps, preferring instead to lay across the back of the couch, nestling near our hair. The moment I head outside, she is by my side, following me from place to place.

Lindy and Mouse the Cat

Mighty-Mouse, the neighbor’s kitty comes calling and wants to play. She’s receptive on occasion, but for the most part views him as an annoying little brother. At 16 pounds she could take him, but she prefers to give him a warning growl. Sometimes he actually takes the hint.
Black and White Cat

As I go about my gardening chores, she settles into the grass or between a couple of nearby shrubs. I often think she’s keeping an eye on me, offering her quiet companionship as she tucks in her paws and gives me the blink of acceptance. The garden wouldn’t be the same without her.

6 thoughts on “Lindy in the Garden: Our Big Girl Turns 10

  1. O lucky Lindy to have found her forever home and for you to have her love and companionship. I just love having Petals and Blossum so much I know from the tone of your sweet tribute you feel the same about your furry family too. That’s so fun that she comes when called! That’s a great picture of Mighty Mouse reaching up “come play!”…..loved it all.


    • Thank you, Boomdee. Yes, those kitties are the center of our universe. They are so unique and endearing, each in their own way.

      Petals and Blossum are such sweet names.We are both fortunate to have our kitties in our lives, aren’t we?

      I hope you had a nice weekend in the mountains.


      • We’re actually still here. Golfed 18 holes then bike road not to far for fab dining at Cariboo Grill. Plan an early rise for 6 hour drive home. Beautiful here, Valemount, British Columbia. Sunshine all day. Miss the kitties, our friend was going by to feed them but I’m sure they’re lonely. Off to sleep,sweet dreams.


          • Around every corner there’s a postcard view. So beautiful a drive, will post soon. Home sweet home. Whirlwind trip! I think the kitties missed us. Blossum’s sticking to Jim like glue. I know I missed them. Travel days make me sleepy, but I did finish another scarf in the car….o oh, might be addicted HA.


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