Blooming Thursday: Blushing Pinks

Growing up a redhead my mom never let me wear pink.  A ginger herself, she advised that pink was not our color.  She was right of course, but when you’re told not to wear something, you can think of nothing else.  Am I right?

Pink is definitely one of those colors that can easily be overdone, but not in the garden.  This has been my summer of pink.  The volunteer cosmos continue to splash color across the pumpkin patch.  The pink potted Hydrangea doubled in size and bloom production.  I added a few pink Vinca to one of the patio planters and rounded things out with a polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya), grown for its beautiful pink and green leaves.

Power to the Pink!

Pink Hydrangea with a Drop of Morning Dew

Pink Hydrangea with a Drop of Morning Dew

Kitty shows off his cute little pink ears

Kitty shows off his cute little pink ears

pink flowers

After my “week of bugs” this flower is starting to look just like one.

Pink Cosmos

Strong winds this week have the Cosmos  leaning sideways

What’s blooming in your world this Thursday?

19 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Blushing Pinks

  1. Wow, wow, wow…love that Hydrangea, it’s perfectly pretty. O Kitty, I would love to snuggle you and your little pink ears, you look so irresistibly sweet there. We’re just on the patio enjoying your post & a glass of wine. You asked what’s blooming in my world today so I clicked these to show you “great minds think alike”. You’re right Alys, you can never have too much pink in your garden! Have a wonderful evening.


    • You described that so nicely. I can picture the two of you with your wine and laptop.

      Thanks for snapping your pink flowers. Are those pink snapdragons? So cute. I think I recognize petunias or pansies (I’m always mixing those two up). What are your other pink darlings?


      • The top left? It’s Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco Plant), it’s pretty fragrant. We grow it as an annual here. It gets pretty tall in a garden. Yep, good eye, there are mini snaps in there with the petunias. I wish I would have planted pansies, I love their little faces.


  2. Snap – I am ginger too and my mum never put me in pink or red either (but I did manage to nag her into wearing red shoes!) I also had a beautiful long haired ginger cat – friends used to say we matched in hair colour. So as you can guess my garden too is full of pink both at home and the cottage. This year in England it has been almost continuous rain now for almost 2 months and all my plants are desperately needing some sun, but the pink ones seem to be doing better than the other colours for some reason.


    • I bet you loved those red shoes, too.

      Sorry to hear about the non-stop rain. It’s been a crazy year in so many communities. Terrible heat and droughts, or excessive rain and flooding.

      I’m fascinated to hear that the pink flowers are holding up. Like I said, Power to the Pink! Well done.


  3. Another big fan of pink in the garden here (and blue and purple and yellow and..and..). These photos are so gorgeous they’re almost edible.


    • Thank you for that!

      I love purple and yellow too. Each flower is so well suited to it’s particular shade. Yellow sunflowers, purple pansies, pink and blue Hydrangea. I suppose roses are the most varied in color. I love them all!


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