The Ladybug Diet

Water First to Disperse the Pests

Water First

Weight Watchers teaches you to eat well, and South Beach helps break sugar cravings, but have you heard of the Ladybug Diet?  Those red-spotted beauties consume several times their body weight, ridding your roses of numerous garden pests.  I wish I could consume several times my body weight in a day and remain looking as fresh as the Coccinella septempunctata.

Ladybugs, also referred to as ladybirds, eat Aphids, Spider Mites, Thrips, White Fly and other harmful pests.  They are a boon to organic gardeners and a treat for the youngsters in the house, who enjoy setting them out at dusk.

Most garden centers now sell containers of live lady bugs.  I bought ours at Almaden Valley Nursery. Keep them in a cool place during the day when they’re inactive.

Tuesday night we watered the infested plant, cut open the mesh bag and offered them dinner.  By morning, they had done a decent job eradicating the pests.   Some years it takes two “applications” to wipe out the aphids or flies, but it’s always a treat to see hundreds of them gathered in one place so we don’t mind.

Ladybugs and Aphids

Ladybugs and Aphids

Garden Lady's: Nature's Pest Control

Garden Lady’s: Nature’s Pest Control

Dinner Awaits

Dinner Awaits

It's 9:00.  Do you know where your ladybugs are?

It’s 9:00. Do you know where your ladybugs are?

Read more about these farming heroes and the origin of the ladybug rhyme at Animal Planet.

12 thoughts on “The Ladybug Diet

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  2. Ladybugs are wonderful. Can you imagine my surprise when digging around the base of our wonderful pine trees at 7200 feet in Arizona and finding massive colonies of them. They loved the pine trees as did the humming birds. Who would have guessed it. I too wish I had their metabolism. 🙂


    • Wow! What an amazing story. We have one, large neighboring pine. I wonder if they will flock there once the ready-meal is gone? Do the ladybugs like to winter there do you think?

      Thanks for commenting and for sharing that amazing story.


    • I guess as long as they have a meal, they are happy to stay. I checked on the roses again today, and those ever-efficient ladybugs seem to have picked the plant clean. Amazing and wonderful, isn’t it?


      • And you don’t have to worry about your kitty’s being around some nasty garden herbicide or bug killing chemical stuff. Just business as usual in kitty town. I can hardly believe they ate alllllll those bugs so quick, you’re right, we need their metabolism, that’d be so awesome….dream on! lol


        • I checked yesterday to see if I needed to buy more lady bugs and the aphids/white flies are gone! Amazing. Now we need to tackle a different infestation (scale) on our dwarf Magnolia.

          You’re right about the garden toxins. It’s nice not to worry about it with animals.


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