Independence Day Approaches

After the 4th of July Parade

After the 4th of July Parade

Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day in the States, a holiday affectionately know as the 4th of July or simply “the 4th.”  We live in a family oriented community with lots of fun activities, so we have a safe and sane 4th without driving anywhere.  Our neighborhood pool association hosts a parade around the park, followed by a watermelon eating contest by age group.  Older kids decorate bikes and scooters, while the younger ones follow in strollers.  The park is two short blocks away.

In the afternoon and well into the evening, we have a block party.  One of our neighbors started this event over a decade ago.  It grows bigger and more elaborate each year.  We all bring side dishes and desserts to share, and a handful of neighbors set up barbecues.  Most years the local fire department stops by.  The kids get to climb in the truck while we all go mad with our cameras.  Occasionally the fire-fighting crew opens a fire hose and things really get exciting.

I sign up for distributing name tags each year.  I also maintain the neighborhood email directory.  It’s a fun task as it allows me to introduce myself to new families each year, people I might otherwise miss.

Today I purchased three small annuals in red, white and almost blue to replace the pink geranium.  We have a clever pot with our street number etched into the ceramic facade sitting near the curb on the concrete wall.  I can’t wait to re-plant it with annuals for a fresh, celebratory color splash.  If I have time, I’ll spruce up the fairy garden as well.

If you live in the US, please have a safe and sane 4th of July.  Keep your animals indoors in a quiet room with lots of cool water on hand.  Enjoy!

The Humane Society provides the following tips for keeping your animals safe on the 4th.

11 thoughts on “Independence Day Approaches

  1. Hope your day will be briliiiant! I just love that you included a link to the humane society. Alys, your compasison for all is evident in both your messages and posts, have fun!


    • Awww. Thank you for that. I spoke with a woman at the nursery today who had just come from the vet to get tranquilizers for her dog. July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters who bring in animals that have run away out of fear from the explosions. It’s so sad. We keep our cats indoors in a room with the blinds closed. They are frightened, but safe.


    • Thank you so much. It was a good day overall, visiting with neighbors and friends. The weather was hot but not miserable as in some years. The variety of food was amazing. at 8:30 they set off controlled fireworks with classical music playing in the background. I even danced in the street with my hubby for awhile after dinner.

      Thank you for your lovely comments.


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