Ferny You Should Ask…

Flowers and fruits are the focus of many a blog, but in the cool, quiet corners of the garden, ferns flourish.  Fronds unfurl curling upward as they unwrap from their coil.  Sword ferns, native to North America, favor shade as they fearlessly stand guard beneath the orange tree.  Asparagus ferns are fond of climbing and twining, sending out long straight shoots.  Within a fortnight, feathery emerald leaves should follow.

Southern Sword Fern ‘Nephrolepis Cordifola’

Gian Chain Fern ‘Woodwardia fimbriata’

Asparagus Fern reaching for the fruit tree

Fern about to unfurl

Other Worldly

3 thoughts on “Ferny You Should Ask…

  1. What great observations you’ve made and nicely photographed too. I had ferns in my yard too, They mixed in with Queen Annes Lace in the shade. I love that they’re so reliable even in the north here. What kind of Camera do you use, the close ups are really nice.


    • Thank you! I love Queen Anne’s Lace. I bet they were a nice compliment to each other, too.

      We have a Nikon D90, our joint Christmas present last year. My husband had two really nice lenses from a camera nearly twenty years old, and learned that they are compatible with the new digital camera! He bough a new camera in an older model so he got a good deal online. It’s been great already have the nice lenses without the additional investment. Most companies go for built in obsolesce. Pretty cool, eh?


  2. O, that worked out well. Up until we moved, I was saving everything. “might need this someday” was my mantra. That is so cool that you hung on to them and they are serving you so well.


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