Pumpkin Vine Sprawl

Well will you look at that?!  Our granddaddy of all pumpkin vines has meandered across the planting box, over the trellis, through the tomato cage and around the berries.  Yesterday Big Max grew at least a foot!

I have two smaller vines growing as well, transplants from indoors.  One of them set fruit last week, but they can’t keep up with the big guy.  We’ve counted at least a dozen pumpkins so far, currently a pale yellow.  Two of them are the size of basketballs and so far unharmed.  The rats, squirrels and other mysterious visitors are helping themselves to the smaller fruit, but fortunately we have enough to go around.  Fingers crossed.

A few of the fruits have rotted on the vine but the plant itself looks okay.  I hope this is just part of the natural selection process and that the others continue to grow.  I wish you could all stop by for an in-person tour.  I guess photos will have to do.

Upward Mobility

My Pride and Joy

Leafy Green

Pumpkin Vines: The Long View

Up and Comers

15 thoughts on “Pumpkin Vine Sprawl

    • Isn’t it amazing? What did you plant? We experiment with several varieties each year. Last year was the best for variety: we had Green, white, and orange fruit.

      I’ve dedicated a separate page of this blog to pumpkins. That’s how much we love and celebrate them.

      Did you plant again this year?


      • My pumpkins are orange and still in pots but all being well they will planted outside next week. The primary motivation has been to grow them for Halloween but this year I hope to have a better crop and be able to do exciting things like make chutney!
        Your green and white pumpkins sound interesting.


        • We’ve never managed to grow edible ones (like Sugar Pies). We plant them, but have better luck with the carving variety.

          Last year was the first time we grew a green one. It is native to Australia I believe, with a very thick skin. Interesting. We had a few ‘Cotton Candy’ pumpkins, a white pumpkin with a blueish tint. Pretty!


  1. I never realised there were different pumpkins for carving and eating. I think the ones I am growing do both (I know already that they are good for carving because of last year) but we didn’t get round to eating the flesh.


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