Blooming Thursday: Cosmos Open Up

Tomorrow’s Bloom?

This lovely flower was entirely unexpected. It re-seeded around the corner from last year’s location. As is often the case, the seeds that are hearty enough to survive volunteer status (dropped by a bird, blown in the wind, planted by a squirrel) do well. This is the first bloom of the season with two promising buds (photo, left) ready to spring forth in pinks and yellows.

The fairy garden flowers are holding up nicely. I spruced up the table with a mini bouquet and a table-runner made from leaves. Lindy is the self-appointed watch-cat, keeping those scary garden gnomes I saw on Facebook yesterday at bay.

What’s blooming on your Thursday?

First Cosmo

Lindy Standing Guard Near the Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden: New Table Runner and a Purple Bouquet

11 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Cosmos Open Up

    • Our backyard is surrounded by cat netting called The Cat Fence-In system. It allows them free reign of the yard, but they can’t get out. It has been wonderful. We set it up over 15 years ago when a grouchy neighbor one street over, trapped our cat Grant and took him to the pound. They have the benefit of the fresh air and exercise without the worry of random cat fights, cars and streets, transmittable illnesses, etc. Some cats are very content indoors…but many aren’t. When we tried to keep Grant indoors after the “incident” he proceeded to mark the perimeter of every single room. It was a nightmare. The netting was our solution. When I rented, I couldn’t have done this.


  1. We installed it ourselves without any problems. There is one other company that does this so when the time comes you can research both for cost. It lasts a long time, with the exception of the holes the squirrels chew through the netting. It is easy enough to repair.


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