Pumpkin Nirvana: The Crop Runs Away!

Yahoo!  We have a small but viable pumpkin crop.  Last year’s one volunteer re-seeded in the upper box.  I had to amend the soil and top off the box before replanting it in the lower box.  Not only did it survive, it thrived.  Look at that baby grow!  Our ‘Big Max‘ has a companion as well, cosmos from another season.  For whatever reason, that tiny four by four-inch spot in the lower box has the perfect combination of soil, shelter, sun and moisture to make things grow.

A few of this seasons indoor seedling transplants survived so we have two or three varieties at different states of growth.

I spotted a few male flowers last week and the requisite bees in the vicinity.  Yesterday the first female bud emerged, a tiny, yellow orb with magnificent potential.

Here is our pumpkin crop so far:

The Vine’s Curling Tendrils

Morning Sun Streams Through

Budding Female Flower

Pumpkin Plant Close-up

Planter Pumpkins: The Long View

One thought on “Pumpkin Nirvana: The Crop Runs Away!

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