Birthday Week in the Garden: Blue and Gold

Go Bears!

I’m sprucing up the garden this week.  My husband turned 50 today, so we’re celebrating this weekend with an informal party.  In honor of my Cal fan (Go Bears!!!), I bought a few annuals in yellows and almost blues, emulating his alma mater’s blue and gold.  I’ll plant them in a spare pot near the entryway.

I bought a fabric tablecloth (trying to use less plastic), but I need to make some modifications.  My sewing machine is on standby to bind the edges of the hole I’ll cut to accommodate the umbrella pole.

In my perhaps overly ambitious plans for the week, I bought fabric to sew a new cover for the garden swing.  I mentioned a few months back that my beloved swing was looking a little frayed at the edges.  Nothing like a party to light a fire under my procrastination.  JoAnn’s Fabrics had a 40% off sale on outdoor upholstery fabric so the timing was good.  I love the retro-1950’s style coupled with modern-day efficiency.  The fabric will resist water, mold and other outdoor perils while looking hip.

Pictures to follow.  Time to get busy…

6 thoughts on “Birthday Week in the Garden: Blue and Gold

  1. Ooh, how exciting, and what fun projects in honor of your lucky hubby! I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous birthday celebration. I’ll look forward to photos!


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